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müve delivers innovative and creative solutions to help brands increase sales performance at the store.
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Combining our many years of retail experience with our talented technical team, we are able to deliver mobile app solutions that make a 'real' difference to your business.

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Professional graphic design is integral in establishing and maintaining a successful business. Our talented and experience designers can help you develop designs for any of your business needs.

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Whether it is a small in-store promotion or a large celebrity event, we have the experience and capability to help you design, plan and manage the whole activity.

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maximize your sales potential

ProSeller is a mobile app specifically designed for engaging and training retail sales staff or your 'sellers'. This tool will help you:

- Instantly deliver learning info to your employees.

- Encourage and reward good performance.

- Foster healthy competition.

- Increase brand engagement with your staff.


Why ProSeller?

empower your people to power your business

"Our clients have achieved over 80% increase in sales using ProSeller!"

ProSeller makes learning fun. Unlike many other solutions on the market, ProSeller has been specifically developed to distribute training content through the mobile device. This means it is able to provide effective user experience and greater 'stickiness' from it's users.


Sales opportunities lost due to sellers lacking the right communication assets - sales benchmark index

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ProSeller - FAQ's

How does it work?

There are two components to the ProSeller platform: 1.Application and 2.Content Management System.

Using our ProSeller platform we can help you customize and host your very own ProSeller app. We can customize the look and feel of the app to your brand and you will have the option to add additional features and functions. The standard features include:
- Training content (Text, Images, Video, Quiz)
- User rewards
- Promotions
- News
- User page
- Leaderboard
- Community Posting

We will also provide you with a customized version of the Content Management System (CMS). The CMS is a browser based interface so can be accessed from any computer with internet connection. Using the CMS you can:
- Manage and upload content
- Generate management reports
- View app usage stats
- Manage users and access.

What mobile devices is it compatible with?

ProSeller is compatible with the following mobile devices:
- Android (version 6.0 or above).
- Apple (iOS version 10.0 or above).

Is ProSeller suitable for me?

ProSeller can help you if you are a retail brand and one or more of the following statements apply's to you:
- You have 50+ products or service SKUs
- You have 100+ sales people in your company
- Your retail stores are spread over different locations and cities
- You are constantly releasing new products/services on a daily/weekly/monthly basis

How long will it take to implement?

This will depend on your specific requirements but usual we expect to take approximately 2-4months.

Firstly, we work with your team to understand and validate your requirements. Then we will provide a recommendation of how to best customize the design and functions of the ProSeller platform to fit your needs. There will then be an iterative process of design, development and testing which will involve your team to provide sign-off at key milestones. We will assign a Project Manager to help guide you through and manage the whole process.

How do we generate the content?

If you have the team and resources to generate the content then you can directly use the CMS to upload and manage your own content.

If you do not have the time or resources to generate the content yourself, then we can provide the services to help you create and manage the content on the app.

How much does it cost?

The fee for the ProSeller service is flexible and will depend on the features you request and the number of users you expect to be using the app.

We understand that ROI is the most important measure of any service which is why we structure our fees so you can first trial the ProSeller service for a minimal fee.

The standard fee structure consists of an one-time deployment fee and monthly support and maintenance fee. These fees will include the continued support and consultancy of our team of experts to help you to get maximum benefit and help to evolve the platform to your business.

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