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Protecting privacy commitment

China Water Conservancy Hydropower Third Engineering Bureau Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Hydropower Third Bureau") knows the importance of personal privacy,Therefore, try to ensure that the personal information collected by this website is only used in the purpose specified in this "Privacy Policy"。


This privacy policy expounds the policy of the three hydropower Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bet on today's European Cup resultsBettingbureaus in handling the personal information collected through this website。Users who use this website shall agree to the collection and use of related information of the Hydropower Third Bureau。This provision only valids when the consent clause given by the user is in compliance with the law。

The privacy policy of the three innings of hydropower is composed of the following parts:

• The information we collected and the method of collecting information

• Information summary

• How do we use your personal information

• How do we store your data

• Links with third -party websites

• Your rights

• Data security

• Contact us

• Privacy policy modification

The information we collected and the method of collecting information

To make your more accurate understanding of water and electricity three games,At the same time, in order to better manage our business,We will collect and maintain your personal information。Collect information from various channels from multiple channels,To better understand and meet your needs。The channels we collect information include:

• You yourself -if you voluntarily provide us with personal information。

• Your browser -when you visit our website and your browser interact with us。

• Related consultation you completed on the website of Hydropower Third Bureau.

• Other sources.

• Name, address, phone number.

• Email address, fax number and mobile phone number.

European Cup Reliable Bet on today's European Cup resultsBetting Platform• Examine by questionnaire、Personal information collected by Opinion or other marketing survey activities。

​​• Provided to customer service representatives for investigating or solving personal information。

• Enterprise contract、Employer and/or other enterprise units (such as employer name、Job、address and contact information, etc.)

We shared this information between the inside of the three water and electricity bureaus (referring to the third bureau of the hydropower and the subordinate) and the third -party supplier。

Links with third -party websites

Links of the Third Water and Electricity Bureau and the third -party website to improve your experience in the water and electricity three -bureau website。To make such links clearly available,When you click the link,Your browser will open another new window for the link。Please note,These websites may be owned by other companies and organizations and are responsible for operation。Water and Electricity Third Bureau does not support any such website,It is also not available for these websites that can be included or can be accessed by them、Information、Product or service to bear any responsibility。The risks generated by the access and use of such websites are completely borne by you。We are not responsible for any information that you leaked to the link website。

Please note,The scope of the applicable European Cup Reliable Betting Platformscope of the privacy policy European Cup Reliable Betting Platformof hydropower thirds does not include such other websites,The third Bureau of Hydropower recommends that you understand the specific regulations of such websites。

Your right

If you expressed clear consent through our website,We will always use your data to provide you with information about the product or service of hydropower three games,This kind of information may provide you with email。You have the right to ask us not to use your data for marketing purposes。You can contact us,Notify us not to use your personal information。

If you are already a customer of Hydropower Third Bureau,We will send you a product or service information to you only via email,And such products or services are similar to the products or services you have used。

If you are a new customer of the three innings of hydropower,And we allow specific third parties to use your data,We (or this third party) will contact you through email,I thought you would provide our (or other party) company news and product and service information。Please hook in the corresponding selection box of the data collection table,It shows that you agree with us (or related third parties) to contact you through emails。

Data security

The third inning of the water and electricity treats your data with a serious attitude。Except for meeting all applicable data security regulations,To ensure that your data is transmitted with the UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettinghighest European Cup Reliable Betting Platformsecurity level between the Internet browser and the Internet system of the three innings of the hydropower,We have adopted convergence of convergence (SSL) encryption technology。SSL is the industry standard for personal information Internet transmission,Realized the encryption communication through the Internet through the Internet, between the Internet browser and the network server, respectively。Website URL connected to your browser with SSL link,Start with https: //,Has the characteristics of safe and fast,Make sure your personal data will not be read by others。

Contact us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy、Suggestions or opinions,Please contact us。

Privacy policy modification

Water and Electricity Third Bureau retain the right to modify the privacy policy at any time。The latest version of the privacy policy will be announced on the website of Hydropower Third Bureau,Announce the revision date at the same time,so that you can understand the final update time of privacy policy。