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The Technology Center of the Third Bureau of Hydropower was established in 2006,Certified by the Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in 2008,Pass the evaluation and evaluation of Shaanxi Province with excellent results,Adjustment and optimization operation system in 2022,Promote and implement physical operation,It is the third bureau of hydropower.,The key technical problem is to solve the major technical problems of the construction of the Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingproject,Taking the direction of enterprise development as a breakthrough,Taking the current industry cutting -edge technology as the goal,Professional institutions for technological innovation and research and development work "。Technology Center is a postdoctoral innovation base (R & D office)、Comprehensive Office、Expert Room、Trial base and secondary unit technical sub -center composition。where,Test base covers an area of ​​about 6500m2,Advanced instrument and equipment 646 units (set),Professional complete,The detection ability covers the detection class of construction engineering materials、Sports structure engineering on -site detection category、Engineering geotechnical testing、Basic processing quality detection category、Road and bridge engineering quality detection category、Engineering safety monitoring and measurement category、Water quality monitoring、Environmental monitoring (engineering field environment)、Metal structure quality detection category、10 major categories such as engineering objects、49 testing items、581 detection parameters,It was evaluated by industry experts as "Laboratory equipment and instruments are currently advanced in Shaanxi Province,Test the overall ability to reach the leading level of the enterprise "。

2. The main functions of the technology center 

1、Focus on the company's main business field,Deepen UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingthe relevant forward -looking、Research on the core technology of strategic business,Focus on improving the efficiency of the company's innovation system,Construction high -level R & D platform。

2、Give full play to the mechanism of the handblocking,Cultivate the company's high -quality scientific and technological innovation talent team,Create a company's talent highland。

3、Collection and give full play to expert resource advantages,Research on major technical solutions for projects、Special security technical solution and the construction plan of Dangerous Project,Provide technical support and service guarantee for the project。

4、Participate in scientific research projects for the whole process、Conclusion Acceptance、Achievement Appraisal and Scientific and Technological Achievement Declaration。Specific responsible for the project to establish a planning organization、Research Process Management、Promotion of results and R & D budgets、Calculation、Collection and other jobs。

5、Organization or mainly participate in the company's related professional technical standards、Work method、Patent, etc.,Responsible for results review and other work。

6、Guide the company's second -level units to carry out the "Four New" promotion and application and technological innovation work。

7、Carrings carrying the company's provincial enterprise Bet on today's European Cup resultstechnology center and national high -tech enterprise identification (review) carrier function,and do a good job of support。

Third, the main responsibilities of various departments of the technology center

1. Post -doctoral innovation base (R & D Division)

Specific responsibility for the operation of the company's post -doctoral innovation base,Research on post -doctoral research projects; major technical problems and key technologies for industries for engineering construction,Relying on projects under construction,Organize the establishment of research and development projects for planning R & D projects for various second -level units,and specifically responsible for the research and development project of the project, and patents、Summary of scientific and technological achievements of construction methods、CICC; Focus on the company's business field,Lead or organize cutting -edge technology research on emerging business fields; develop dynamics of development of new industries、Research on new formats and policies。

2. Comprehensive Office

It is mainly responsible for regular identification companies adopt technical standards and specifications,Preparation specification list,and do a good job of updating and perfecting the company's standard library; responsible、Scientific research cost collection work; assist in the inspection of the company's annual UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingR & D expense investment budget preparation and research and development project expenses;。

3. Expert room

Mainly carry out project site technical guidance、Quality Inspection Work; Participate in the company's R & D project、Work method、Science and Technology Award review,Applying group design、Special Option、Technical Summary、Technical review work such as operation guidance letters。

4. Test base

As a part of the company's technology center,undertake the relevant work of the provincial technology center on -site; undertake the research and development projects arranged by the company; responsible for the relevant scientific and technological innovation work of the unit; carry out research on new materials and other research。

5. Technical Sub -Center

Organize the research and development project research and development projects according to the arrangement of the technology center; be responsible for the technological innovation work of the unit。