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Yan Liang Rongguan Wutongmei Project Organization Carrying out Emergency Expo in Falling High Scenes

Release Date: 2024-07-09 Information Source: Basic Construction Company Author: Zhang Qiuyu Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

July 5,Yan Liang Rongguan Wutong Meidi Project Department organized a high -altitude fall accident emergency rescue exercise。Relevant staff of the project department and the project site construction staff participated in the exercise,Observation and guidance of the owner and supervision representative。

This exercise simulation scene is the exterior wall operation of Building 10 in the decline process,Due to operational errors,Caused a hanging basket to fall and fall,An operator in a hanging basket falls to the ground after the buffer of the rope,Causes the personnel to fall European Cup Reliable Betting Platformat height。"Someone fell!" With a shout,Disciples officially start,Related rescue power is immediately put into rescue。On -site commander presculate the on -site disposal plan for quick division of labor,The alert group rushed to the scene of the accident,Set the accident isolation area,Pull the warning line,Alert the scene of the accident,Prevent unrelated personnel from entering the scene of the accident; the medical ambulance team rushed to the scene urgently,After simply rescue such as hemostatic bandaging of the wounded,Put the wounded on the stretcher and transfer it to a safe zone。At the same time,Logistics support group immediately dial 120 emergency phone,The wounded staff escorted the on -site ambulance team to go to the hospital for further treatment; the engineering rescue team immediately organized rescuers to control the accident scene The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupand the accident、Implementing reinforcement measures。

During the exercise,From discovery to danger to report quickly,From starting emergency plans to on -site organization rescue to hidden dangers to rectify and summarize afterwards,The entire exercise process simulation and realism,ring tightly,Efficient and orderly。Each rescue team cooperate with force,Give full play to the role of the security guarantee mechanism in the shortest time,Quick、Efficient、Orderly implement rescue work,Reduce accident loss to the greatest extent,Maintaining the safety of the construction staff。Under the full cooperation of each group,This emergency rescue drill was successfully completed。

This safety emergency exercise effectively tested the scientific and operable of the emergency plan of the project high altitude accident,Rapid Bet on today's European Cup resultsresponse、Unblocked instructions、Clear responsibility、Organizational training effect。The project department will take this exercise as an opportunity,Further compact the safety management responsibility at all levels,Improve the awareness of safety precautions and deal with emergencies,Effectively guarantee employees' lives and property security,Building a project safety defense line。

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