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Dongxuanyu Project actively participated in the emergency search and rescue person in the Qinling Loss

Release Date: 2024-07-09 Information Source: Basic Construction Company Author: Wang Danyang Xie Tao Photography: Dong Bo Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

July 4,Basic Construction Company Dongxuanyu Reservoir assists the government to search and rescue Qinling lost persons,Successfully rescue the villagers from the mountain before the heavy rain comes,Protecting people's life safety。

Afternoon that day,The Flood Control Office of the Danyu Reservoir in Weinan City issued a continuous flood prevention instruction,The project quickly starts the flood prevention emergency mechanism European Cup Reliable Betting Platformafter receiving the instruction,Enter the emergency state of flood control。less than 10 minutes,Construction site shutdown is stopped for electricity,The operator and machinery and equipment quickly evacuated the scene,Inspection of the entire on -site inspection,At the same time, assist government units to jointly organize more than 50 villagers in the mouth of Yongkou to evacuate and evacuate,Safety through the construction area。20:10 pm,The project receives an emergency notification from the town government,Villagers who climbed medicines in the deep mountains of Qinling and a villager who must withdraw from the mouth of Yutou lost contact,Please send personnel vehicles to participate in emergency search and rescue。

The project department immediately dispatched the emergency The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cuprescue team to drive to the Lukou rescue assembly place,Join the government、Public Security、Fire、Joint emergency rescue team composed of various departments such as medical treatment,The team carrys nearly a hundred search and rescue personnel and materials along the narrow and curved village road between the cliffs above the reservoir,Quickly walk towards the search and rescue location deep in the Qinling Mountains。Search and rescue personnel are divided into two roads,A team of people along the mountains,Running to the positioning place about 15 kilometers away,Another team enters the dark unmanned small village to find the owner who must be evacuated。Unremitting efforts by the search and rescue players,Finally, at about 3 am at about 3 am, the searched and rescued lost personnel The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupwill be rescued to the mountain。

In this emergency search and rescue,The project department really carries social responsibility,Fully showed the responsibility of the state -owned enterprise,shows a good corporate image,Added valuable experience to the active participation of territorial emergency rescue in the future。

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