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Base Management Center launches female employee service improvement skills competition

Release Date: 2024-07-08 Information Source: Base Management Center Author: Yin Yinan Photography: Ye Jun Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

In order to further improve the comprehensive quality and job skills of female employees,July 4,The Base Management Center is carried out with "training for military competition  Female UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingemployee service enhancement skills competition activities of female employees with the theme of enthusiastic service tree。

This competition has two parts: real -life restoration and institutional competition,Speaking before the game,I hope that female employees will go through this competition,Strengthen the learning and understanding and mastering of various rules and regulations and policies,Improve professional literacy,Improve business ability、Work efficiency and service level。Active as,Form dailyization、Normalization,Provide more high -quality services for the majority of retired and post -job employees。

The competition is restored with real Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingscenes,Daily work service competition on the spot,and service case、Tips Sharing。Show the civilized service of the central female employee、polite service、Active service、Passionate service、The spiritual appearance and service style of thoughtful service。

By carrying out this competition,Stimulated the consciousness of the central female employees to strive for excellence,Fully showcase female employees welcome the challenge、The spiritual style of active actions,Promoting the normalization of training for military training、Diversity、Effective development。Accelerate the improvement of the business quality and service quality of the female Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingemployees in the center,Show a new image in the company's high -quality development,Realize new as a,Blooming Township,To build a harmonious enterprise、Make positive contributions to the society of harmonious base。

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