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The Party Committee of the Base Management Center organizes to carry out the "July 1" series of activities

Release Date: 2024-07-08 Information Source: Base Management Center Author: Shang Yuhong Photography: Ye Jun Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

The century -old journey is magnificent,Hundred years of heart calendar for a long time。July 4,The Party Committee of the Base Management Center held a promotion meeting to celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China and the "Double Quotation and Double Construction"。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee、Discipline Inspection Secretary Zhen Yuntao presided over the meeting and conveyed the spirit of the company's party committee "dual quotation and double construction" promotion meeting。Secretary of the Party Committee Yan Honghao informs the "Double Quotation and Double Construction" work development of the Party Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingCommittee,and point out in his speech,The Party Committee of the Center insists on grasping the party building、Strong Party Construction,Continue to focus on "citing" promoting "construction" as the main line,Vigorously create a party building brand,In -depth implementation of the "Seven Grab" project of grass -roots party building,constantly promotes the "dual -introduction and double construction" to go deep and actual,Continuous forging long board supplement shortcomings and weak items,Leading the high -quality development of the guarantee center with the work effectiveness of the "dual introduction and double construction"。

will be on,Identifying the advanced collective and excellent individuals of "two excellents and one first" of the center。Member of the Party Committee of the Central Party、Deputy Director Yang Liandong's oath,All party members and cadres revisit the party's oath。

Subsequent,European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformIn order to learn the "Regulations on Disciplinary Actions of the Communist Party of China",The Party Committee of the Central Party Committee carried out the "Study of the Party and the Strong Party of the Party" and sharing party members。Each branch selected six party members to share personal learning experience of the six major disciplines of the Regulations,Party members who participated in the shared branch carefully prepared PPT lectures,During the sharing process, through the understanding and perception of the six major discipline,Uniform positive guidance and negative warning,Select the case of violating six typical cases of discipline,Make the comrades of party members more in -depth in understanding discipline、More firm in maintaining the party discipline、More consciousness in studying rules and regulations。Wonderful sharing of party members,Let everyone make a more firm political European Cup Reliable Betting Platformloyalty、More conscious discipline consciousness、More strong responsibility,The outcome of self -revolution from self -containing、Standard for abide by the rules,New results with disciplinary construction have been promoted to comprehensively and strictly govern the party,Promoting Discipline Disciplinary Study and Education Deep Those。

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