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The party branches of the three companies carry out the "July 1" theme party day event

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To celebrate the 103rd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China,Revisit the party's glorious journey,Promoting the spirit of the great Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingparty,The great achievements of the Acura party,Promote the party's fine traditions,Further enhanced the political and organizational functions of grass -roots party organizations,Improve the party's concept of party members,Better play the role of pioneer model,The Party Branch of the Third Company Organization of the Party Branch has extensively carried out the "July 1" theme Party Day。Each party branch combined with actual,Organization to go out to visit and study、Watching red videos、Reading red classic、State -owned enterprise party building friendship、Revisiting the party's oaths and other activities,Celebrate the party's birthday。

Bet on today's European Cup results

July 1,Three Company Organs First、The Second Party Branch went to Qinling, Qinling, Qinling, Qinling, Qinling, Qinling, Qinling illegal construction warning education center,Carried out the "study, discipline, know the party spirit,Ming Ji Shou Ji Yong Draise "as the theme of party discipline education activities。This event aims to strengthen party discipline education,Improve the party spirit of party members。All party members are illegal construction warning education center in Qinling District, Qinyi District,Follow the interpreter to learn more about the demolition of illegal The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupvillas in Xi'an in the northern foot of Qinling Mountains,and comparison before and after the rectification of typical illegal projects,Deeply felt the standard role of party discipline and state law on ecological environmental protection。

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(Cheng Xubo)

Weinan Jiangjia Water Plant Project、The Party Branch of Chang'an District and Meimei Rural Project

June 27,Weinan Jiangjia Water Plant Project Party Branch and Chang'an District and Meimei Rural Project Party Branch to Weinan City Wei Uprising Memorial Hall Red Education Base,Jointly carry out "Inheritance Red Gene、Persist in the bottom line of discipline、Strengthen the rules of the rules "theme party day activity。All party members came to the Martyrs Monument to listen to the revolutionary martyrs' deeds,Then meditate to show respect,Facing the bright red party flag,All party members revisited the party's oath,and admired the Monument to Revolutionary Martyrs。

(Jiang Siqi)

Party Branch of Xi'an East Station Project

June 24,The Party Branch of the Party Branch of Xi'an East Station Project and the Party Committee of the Party Committee of the Company、The Party Branch of the Seven Companies of Shaanxi Jianxian Group jointly carried out the "deepening pair, grasp, co -construction, mutual integration, and enhance" party discipline education theme party day。Secretary of the Party Branch of Xi'an East Station European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformProject introduced in detail the implementation of the party building work of the branch and the development of party discipline learning and education,Leading party members visited the project clean cultural corridor、Employee Bookstore、Party member activity room and other party building cultural positions,and share experience on how the party's party branch integrates party building work into business work,Participate in the event that the three party members start a warm discussion and exchange on how to stimulate the "aggregation effect" of grass -roots party building。

(Sun Yan)

Party Branch of the project of Chongqing Metro Line 27

June 29,Chongqing Metro Line 27 project party branch organized party members and cadres to go to Marshal Nie Rongzhen Memorial Museum to carry out the "strong party nature、Keep the first heart、Yong Drachida "theme party day event。During the visit,Everyone's orderly view of the collection of revolutionary cultural relics、A precious photo,Learning revolutionary story,Taste the heroic deeds paved with loyalty,Feeling the spirit of the major battles and the indestructible revolutionary beliefs of the Communists。After the visit,Secretary of the Party Branch leads all party members' oaths under the party under the party,Recalling the UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingbeginning of the party。

(Ye Gang)

Zhengzhou Airport Project Party Branch

July 1,Zhengzhou Airport Project Organization All Party members、Development object、Entrepreneurship activists visit Zhongyuan Yinglie Memorial,Carry out "Pursuit of Red Memory,Inheritance Red Gene "theme party day activity。In the process of visiting the memorial museum,The explanator leads you one by one to understand the four theme exhibition halls,These exhibition halls pass a lot of photos、Cultural relics、Scene simulation and text drawing,Vividly reproduced the heroic deeds and lofty spirit of the revolutionary martyrs,Through vivid image and profound theme,strengthened everyone's understanding and feelings of revolutionary history,Help everyone understand the history of the revolutionary history and the spirit of heroes。

(Wu Jing)

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