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Opening the highway to open the traffic across the board

Release Date: 2024-07-05 Information Source: Three Companies Author: Qu Qinglong Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

June 30,Guangdong Zhongkai Expressway Project has ushered in its most brilliant historic moment -the Zhongshan to Kaiping section and the Shenzhen -Middle Channel are opened to traffic,It marks the full connection of the mid -opening highway project。

Zhongkai Highway east of Zhongshan City Nanlang Street Cuiheng Dong Interchange,West to Grand Channel of Fengshan Interchange, Shahu Town, Jiangmen City,129.7 kilometers in length。Where,Zhongshan section 44.1 kilometers,Jiangmen section 85.6 km,Crossing many important areas in Guangdong Province,It is an important link Bet on today's European Cup resultsconnecting the Pearl River Delta region and western Guangdong.。The design of the two -way six -lane design of the highway on the highway,Ensure the smoothness and safety of traffic。Link of the part of the deep and middle channel,Greed up to two -way eight lanes,To meet the growing traffic needs of the future。This design not only enhances the ability of the road,It also reflects the forward -looking plan for future development。

Under the careful construction of the three companies and three companies of hydropower,TJ-6 standard (located in the Jiangmen section) smoothly completed。This bid section is 6.6 km,Cover multiple key projects,Including the West Jiangte Bridge (2050 meters)、Da'ao Interchange (1506.2 meters) and Tiger Jumping Gate Xijiang Special Bridge (3044.3 meters) and other projects。The completion Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingof these projects,Not only does it improve the passability of the road,It also laid a solid foundation for the smooth opening of the entire mid -range highway。

Since the start of construction on October 16, 2017,TJ-6 standards of the third bureaus builders after more than five years of unremitting efforts,overcomes all kinds of difficulties and challenges,Finally achieved a full completion on December 18, 2022。Subsequently passed the work acceptance on December 27,and officially opened to traffic on January 12, 2023。June 30, 2024,Open high -speed full -line traffic,This milestone time,Not only the best reward for the hard work of the builders,It is also a huge encouragement to the entire highway project of China -China opening。

The mid -opening high speed is used as an important channel to connect the deep and middle UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingchannel,Not only does it strengthen the traffic contact in the Pearl River Delta region,More seamless docking with Kaiyang Expressway and Gao En High Speed ​​in western Guangdong。The completion of this important traffic network,It will greatly promote economic exchanges and regional development in the Pearl River Delta region,It has a profound and significant significance for the development of the economy and society。

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