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Kouyou Road Project opened to traffic and won praise from the owner's unit

Release Date: 2024-07-05 Information Source: Three Companies Author: Xue Xiao Photography: Yang Zheng Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

June 27,Kouye Road Project completed the entire online opening,Hi won the Jinqi side of the Puyang County Transportation Bureau、Critica letter。

Luoyang County, Kouyou Road (Li Gan to Bridge at the bottom of the bridge) project as one of the top ten transportation projects of Liyang County,The project European Cup Reliable Betting Platformdepartment always adheres to the "protecting the masses unblocked,Principles of Satisfaction of the Mass Satisfaction,After 3 months of completing the entire line of 13.1 kilometers, the task,This time it is opened to traffic,Convenient to facilitate the village of Qiaotian, Qiandi Town、Zhongzhang Zhenyi Min Cao Village、Jiqian Street, Jiyuan Village, including 3 towns, 12 administrative villages along the 12 administrative villages, the travel of villagers along the line,Winned unanimous praise from nearby villagers。

Parking the letter pointed out,Schools along Line Road、Collection Town、Enterprise and Institutions、Many villages,Large demand for the masses,Road construction Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingsociety is extremely high。To return to the people as soon as possible,The project department overcome difficulties,Reasonable organization of construction,Actively cooperate with coordinating all parties to solve problems,Make the project construction in an orderly manner,completed the established target task on schedule,The whole line of Kouyou Road is successfully realized,Having a satisfactory answer to the people of Liyang County。

Non -stop walking,Struggle。A brocade flag、A show letter,It is both affirmation and praise of the results of the project department,It is also a recognition of the hard work of all employees of the project。Next,The project department will continue to maintain Bet on today's European Cup resultsa high sense of mission and responsibility,Give forward the work style that fully promotes the aggressive work,With more full enthusiasm、More rigorous attitude,Do a good job of finishing work,Continue to add bricks to the transportation industry of Liyang County。

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