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The company's party committee holds audit and inspection issues rectification promotion promotion meeting

The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupRelease Date: 2024-07-04 Source of Information: Inspection Office Author: Yan Liping Photography: Xie Tianyu Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

July 3,The company's party committee holds audit and inspection issues rectification promotion promotion meeting,Audit of the company、Inspection problem rectification accountability work to be mobilized and re -deployed。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、General Manager (Hosted a comprehensive job) Wang Qi attended the meeting and delivered a speech,Member of the Party Committee、Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection Zhang Aimin Zeng Audio Company Audit、Company Party Committee's inspection of common problems in report。Member of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Shen Hongwei presided over the meeting。

Zhang Aimin pointed out,Currently in the critical period of the company's high -quality development,Ten types of reports are the key factor affecting the company's high -quality development,Grasp these key focuses,For improving corporate governance capabilities Bet on today's European Cup resultsand management level、It is very important to improve the ability to improve risk prevention。All departments、All units must take responsibility for responsibility,Firmly establish a responsibility to chase、Consciousness that must be corrected if there is something wrong,Dare to face the problem,Dare to touch the truth,Dare the blade inward,Increase accountability and punishment,For accountability for accountability, the responsibility is implemented。

Wang Qi to promote the economic responsibility audit of the joint -stock company、Company's party committee inspection issues rectification and accountability work for comprehensive deployment,and put forward specific requirements for the "second half of the article" for the continuous promotion of auditing and inspection issues,First, we must unify thinking,Improve political standing,Deep understanding audit、The importance and urgency of the rectification of inspection issues; the second is to face up to the problem,Reasons for in -depth analysis,The European Cup Reliable Betting Platform"lesion" that exists for the long -term existing pulse problem、Eliminate the "root root"; the third is to pay close attention to rectification,Improve long -term mechanism,Resolutely remove stubborn and tumors affecting the company's high -quality development。

Shen Hongwei emphasized when hosting the meeting,2024 is the key year of the company's in -depth implementation of the "Fourteenth Five -Year Plan",It is also an important year for the company's hard work to promote high -quality development,I hope that the party committees of all units will accurately grasp the company's audit、Examination and rectification important task,Adhere to the combination of problem orientation with the same goal orientation、Finding problems and solving problems with problems、Combined with the same root cause,With a serious attitude、higher standard、Strict requirements to promote rectification and implementation,Effective supervision results、Rectification results into future work motivation,To achieve "high -quality development European Cup Reliable Betting Platformfor the company,Creating four first -class strategic goals provides strong protection。

Member of the company's leadership team、Senior managers、Deputy President、Deputy Director of the headquarters of the headquarters or above、All staff of the party and mass audit department、Party Organization Secretary of the second -level units in Xi'an area、Deputy Secretary、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission attended the conference at the main venue; members of all second -level units and project leadership teams、The heads and relevant personnel of the headquarters and relevant personnel attended the meeting at the video branch。

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