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Ankang City Ganges Reservoir Dam main project starts

Release Date: 2024-07-04 Source of Information: Three Companies Author: Xiao Yahui Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

On the morning of July 2,The construction ceremony of the main project of the Ankang Henghe Reservoir project of the Ankang City City of Hydropower Third Bureau was successfully held,It marks the entry of the project construction in full、Comprehensive advance、New stage of comprehensive construction。

Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Hengkou Demonstration Zone of Ankang City、Secretary of the Party Committee of Hengkou Town (and)、Director of the Management Committee Qiu Degang,Member of the Party Committee of the Third Bureau of Hydropower、Deputy General Manager Shen Hongwei,Secretary of the Party Committee Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingof the Third Engineering Company、General Manager Ma Jun,Design、Supervision、Construction unit、Local representatives at all levels participating in the starting ceremony,Witness this important moment together。

Qiu Degang delivered a speech and issued a start -up order,Ankang Ganges Reservoir Project Dam Main Project is officially started。

Shen Hongwei is concerned about it in his speech、Leaders at all levels that support the water conservancy business of hydropower、Friends expressed their sincere thanks,Simulture at the same time,Water and Electricity Third Bureau as a general contracting unit,It will be firmly deployed actively,Open the situation quickly; pay close attention to on -site organization,Strengthen standard management; strengthen safety management and control,Do a good Bet on today's European Cup resultsjob of civilized construction; resolutely obey arrangement,Create a harmonious environment。

The leaders of the project department will lead all personnel,Project construction in accordance with design specifications,Guarantee safety、Quality、Operations and other aspects of work,With a more high fighting spirit、More pragmatic style、More effective measures,Go all out to promote project construction,Construction Boutique Project,Help Ankang's economic development,Use the wisdom and strength of the third inning to develop a new skill for the high -quality development of Ankang。

Ankang Ganges Reservoir Project is located in the lower reaches of Ganges, north of Hengkou Town, Ankang City,Is a water supply、Irrigation、III and other medium -sized reservoir projects such as ecological hydration。The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupAfter the project is completed,It can guarantee 380,000 downstream people water supply,Covering 100,000 acres of farmland irrigation,Improve Ganges、Moon River Water Environment、Accelerate the development and utilization of the water resources of Ganges、It is very important to promote the high -quality development of the Moon River Tao Township with high -quality development。

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