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A6 bidding project of Huanbei Bay to carry out tunnel collapse accident emergency drills

Release Date: 2024-07-03 Information Source: Two Company Author: Xiao Jingxin Photography: Zhang Yu Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

June 30,The A6 bidding project department of the two companies conducts the A6 bidding project of the North Bay Bay Construction in Beibu Gulf launched a tunnel collapse accident emergency exercise。Supervision unit、Project Department Manager、Project emergency Bet on today's European Cup resultsrescue team, etc., a total of 38 people participated。

Before the exercise,The Ministry of Project Security and Environmental Protection has a tunnel collapse accident emergency plan for participants、Emergency exercise plan、Special training of scripts、Delivery and desktop deduction,It provides a strong guarantee for the smooth development of the exercise。

Tunnel collapse at 150 meters of Platty Cave Tunnel in this exercise simulation project,Inspector safety officers found that there is a trend of collapse,Personal evacuation、Report on the accident、Emergency plan start、Emergency rescue team assembly。Each group starts rescue in accordance with the command of the chief command; the safety European Cup Reliable Betting Platformalert group will block on the spot,Forbidden to enter,Guarantee rescue vehicle equipment traffic;、Emergency assistance equipment guarantee; the organization of the rescue and rescue team organizes rescue and rescue; the communication link contact the hospital and related units to do a good job of information contact;。

This exercise is an early warning of the accident after the collapse.、Dangerous Alert、Rescue and repair、The emergency rescue process of the wounded rescue and other emergency rescue processes performed in -depth interpretation,The participants move quickly、Defined division of labor、cooperate with each group,The entire emergency rescue work was completed in an orderly UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingmanner。This actual exercise improves the emergency response ability of the project and the level of emergency escape,Trees to solid employees' safety production consciousness,Fortunately successful successful success,Achieving the expected effect。

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