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Second Company Trade Union organized the "I am a Three Institute Lecturers" activity

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To vigorously strengthen the ideological and political leadership of employees,Building the foundation foundation of the common struggle,Deep Light Company Reading Activity Brand,July 1,Second Engineering Trade Union organized the "Chinese Dream · Labor Beauty -New Journal of New Gong" - "I am a three -bureau bookmaker" activity,Each project of the second company、Employees of each department of the headquarters participated in the event。

This bookmaker contest UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingis divided into two stages: online first evaluation and offline finals,The first stage was recorded by all units to record the contestants into a video,Second Company Trade Union Organization judges conduct a preliminary evaluation of the participating video,Make sure the list of players participating in the finals。The offline finals tells the selected book on the spot,Book option,Classic of red、Chinese and foreign masterpieces、History Culture、Collection Essay、Novel biography, etc.,Players need to be within 4 to 6 minutes,The main content of the selected book selected in a complete introduction,combined with your understanding of books,Talk about feelings、Talk to touch、Talking about perception,Finally scored by the judges。

On the day of the event,8 players from classic to The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdocumentary、From culture to history,Affection for "Xi Jinping's Seven Years of Knowing the Year", "Wang Yangming Biography", "Red and Black", "Taking yourself", "Waiting for a Flower" and other books,They are full of enthusiasm、Vivid language,Talking about reading perception,Reading experience from different perspectives,Share reading harvest,In the collision of thought、Inspiration of each other in the exchange sharing,Draw the forgiveness,Share and work hard life,Everyone is also the patriotic feelings flowing from the book、Dedication for Dedication、Struggle overcome difficulties、Endurance、The spirit of pursuing dreams is deeply moved。

Back to the first heart of the road, never forget,Looking forward to the way before the way,。Next,Second Company Trade Union will closely linked the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformpulse of the new journey,Promoting reading work further、Refined,Focus on creating a learning -oriented enterprise,Use Langlang Book Sound、The strong book incense brings together the majestic power of all cadres and employees to promote the company's high -quality development,Realize "high -quality development in the company,Create four first -class strategic goals to show new actions。

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