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Ding Yanzhang and China European Cup Reliable The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupBetting PlatformCoal Party Secretary、Chairman Wang Shudong talks

Release Date: 2024-07-03 Source of Information: News Center Author: Zhong Hongming Photography: Zhong Hongming Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

July 2,Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Ding Yanzhang in Beijing and China Coal Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Wang Shudong held talks,The two sides deepen pragmatic cooperation in the energy field、Promoting energy green low carbon transformation for in -depth communication。Company Party Committee Standing Committee、Deputy General Manager Xu Pengcheng,Standing Committee Member of China Coal Party Committee、General Accountant Zhao Rongzhe participated in the talks。

Ding Yanzhang thanked China ’s strong support for China’ s Chinese coal,I introduced the company "Water、energy、City、Number "and other core fields。He said,China Dianjian firmly grasp the new mission of promoting energy green and low -carbon transformation,Give full Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bet on today's European Cup resultsBettingplay to "Planning、Design、Investment、Construction、Operation "The integrated advantage of the entire industry chain,Accelerate the promotion of strategic transformation and high -quality development,Make a full -scale contribution to the construction of the energy construction in the new era in the new era。China Coal as the backbone force of the energy industry,Always committed to the development of the entire industry chain of the coal industry,Undertaking an important mission to ensure the safety of national energy。Both parties have a common goal in practicing the national strategy、Shoulder the same mission,Hope to establish a normalized contact mechanism,Around coal power、New Energy and other businesses carry out in -depth cooperation,Advantages for complementary advantages,Go forward together,jointly promoting my country's energy industry layout optimization and adjustment and low carbon UEFA Euro 2024 Highest European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformOdds Football Bettingtransformation and development。

Wang Shudong welcomes Ding Yanzhang and his party.,Introduction of China's coal industry transformation、Regional layout, etc.。He said,China Coal has seriously implemented the major deployment of the 20th National Congress of the Party on strengthening the clean and efficient use of coal,Promote the "two associations+" development model,Actively build a "two hedge" mechanism around "charcoal chain" and "carbon chain",On the basis of ensuring national energy security,Promote the development of green low -carbon transformation and development of the coal industry。China Power Construction has an integrated advantage of "investment and construction" in the energy and power field and strong resource integration capabilities,High correlation between the industries of both parties、Industry complementarity,Have good space and prospects。I hope the two parties will give full play to their Bet on today's European The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupCup resultsrespective advantages,Energy -saving emission reduction、Energy Supply、Technology Innovation、Planning of Energy Base Planning Cooperation and other collaborative docking,Continuously expand the field of cooperation,Efforts to form more results,Jointly promote the development of green low -carbon transformation and development of the energy industry。

Chairman of the Company Trade Union Wang Chenghai,Chief Expert of China Coal Wang Hai,Relevant departments of both parties、The person in charge of the unit attended the talks。

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