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A company's party branches carry out the "July 1" series of theme party day activities

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On the evening of June 28,One company headquarters first、Second Party Branch United Lanzhou City、Lanzhou New District Engineering Project Party Branch launched "Remembering the Mission of the Early Hearts 赓 Renewal of Red Blood" red movie theme party day activity,All party members collectively watched the patriotic film "Awaker"。

"Awakening" is based on the early military leaders of the Communist Party of China、The proletarian revolutionary、Militaryist Guan Xiang Ying Ying's deeds,Tell the early 1920s,Dalian under the colonial rule of Japan,Patriotic Youth Guanxiang should resist colonial oppression、Pursuing the road to rescue the country、Story of seeking light ideal。The belief presented in the film、Fight、Young blood and unyielding national spirit festival make the on -site party members tears in the eyes、A lot of feeling,Can't calm down for a long time。

This theme party day event is not only a profound party history、Party Education,It is also a baptism of the ideological baptism of the soul -casting spirit。Life can vicissitudes,Faith forever retain。After the movie viewing is over,Party members have said,Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingThe spirit of the pioneers of the revolutionary pioneers will be inherited and promoted the spirit of the pioneers of the revolution.,With a fuller mental state、More pragmatic work style to work hard,Together with the new chapter of the high -quality development of the three innings of hydropower。

(Fan Chunyan)

The Party Branch of the Tianshui Regional Project

June 30,All party members of the Party Branch of the Tianshui District Project Organize the Party Branch to the Red Education Base in Gupo Town, Tianshui City to carry out the "red base to find the first heart,Study the Mission of the Mission "Theme Party Day Activity。

During the visit,Party members carefully listen to the introduction of the interpreter,A precious historical photo、The physical object that is full of stories,It seems to bring everyone back to the magnificent revolutionary years。Everyone deeply feels the revolutionary ancestors for the nation's independence、People's Liberation,Leave the head at all、Sprinkle bloody, fearless and firm beliefs。On the square of the red base,Facing the bright party flag,All party members are neatly queue,Lite up the right hand solemnly,Revisiting the party's The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupoath。That powerful oath,Ethour over the square,Expressed the party members who did not forget their original intentions、Remember the determination of the mission。

This theme party day event,Not only a red journey,It is a baptism of the soul and the refinement of the party spirit。The party branch of the Tianshui area project will take this event as an opportunity,Further strengthen the construction of party branches,Improve the quality of the party member team,With fuller enthusiasm and high fighting spirit,Contribute to the project construction。

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(Wang Huan Report/Photography)

Mal blocks the party branch of the project

Singing the red and singing the party's grace,Do not forget the original intention to follow the party。June 29,Mal blocks the party branch of the project and the owner to participate in the red song competition organized by the local government,The song "No Communist Party without the Communist Party without the New China" won the second prize of the competition。

Performance scene,Hydropower Third Bureau Mal blocking project party branch party member representative in work clothes,Show a beautiful power building blue,With a bright singing、The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupRelaxed movements and full spirit,Singing sounds gratitude to the party。After fierce competition,The chorus team composed of the project party branch and the owner won the second prize,The spiritual appearance shown by the choir has been praised by the local government。

Mal blocks the project party branch is a party member team that has taken root all year round。Over the years,The project party branch actively plays the role of the party branch's fighting fortress and the role of the pioneer of party members,Fully help solve the solution of the Malm block water station encountered in the construction、Construction、Technology、Security and other problems,The magnificent chapter of the construction of the water and electricity industry is constantly written on the Snowy Plateau。

(Reported by Han Jianwei/Photography)


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