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Second Company Party Committee carried out the "July 1" series theme activities

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On the afternoon of July 1,The Party Committee of the Second Engineering Company and the Party Branch of the Water Resources Bureau of Yimen County, Yixi City, Yunnan Province, went to the "South Xinjiang Dan Niang" Sun Lanying Patriotic Education Base in Yimen County, Yunnan Province to carry out the "Party Construction Co -Construction Power,Government and Enterprise Integration and Promotion Development "Party Discipline Education Theme Party Day Activity。

Secretary of the Party Group of the Water Resources Bureau of Yimen County、Director Li Qiuling,Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Second Company、Leaders of the Union Chairman Yue Feng and other related leaders,Relevant personnel of the Party and Massage Department participated in the event。

Members of both parties came to Sun Lanying Martyrs Memorial,Through listening to the on -site explanation,Visit the old photo、Old objects,and watching "The Party's Loyalty Daughter -Sun UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingLanying" UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingPatriotic Education Special Film,In -depth understanding and reviewing Sun Lanying’s life。Subsequent,Li Qiuling led all party members to revisit the party's oath,The comrades who joined the party in July for a political birthday,Read the "Party Constitution" and "Regulations"。The two parties conducted in -depth exchanges and discussions on how to carry out good party building and co -construction work。

Li Qiuling said,Classmates through theory、Political birthday with a political birthday、On -site practice、Red movie viewing、Symposium and exchange and other forms,Constantly deepening the political leadership of the party organization in mutual promotion,It laid a solid foundation for the further cooperation between the two parties。Third Bureau of Hydropower as a central backbone enterprise,In recent years, I have participated in the construction of the Yimen Ring Water Network in Yuxi City、Easy Gate Book River Project,Active contribution to Yimen County's water conservancy construction cause。Next step,Both parties should strengthen communication and contact,Further deepen the connotation of party building and co -construction,Ensuring high -quality development of enterprises in both parties with high -quality party building。

The party committee of the second company will take this activity as an opportunity,In -depth implementation of the company's party committee party building "seven -grasp" project,Expand the form and connotation of the special action of "Party Construction Empowerment and Links",Deepen pairing mechanism for co -construction,Make positive contributions to further the party building and co -construction brands of the third bureau of hydropower。

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(Peng Yongqing report/photography)

 Luo Mine Mining Project Party Branch

On the morning of June 29,Second Company Luonan Mine Mine Mine Project Party Branch organized all party members to go to the Red Education Base in Beiwangping, Shangzhou District,Carry out "Inheritance Red Gene,Building the foundation of belief "Red Education Theme Party Day Activity。

With the mood of admiration,All party members enter the UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingbase,Visit the commemorative UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingexhibition hall,Vivid description on the wall、The moving text and photos rename the red history again,A piece of precious revolutionary cultural relics and historical materials in the display cabinet,Lead all party members to look back at the original intention and persistence of the older generation of revolutionary people,Deep shocking the police to wake up every party member and cadre present。

After visiting,Comrade Mao Xuezhang, secretary of the party branch of the project department, led all party members to face the bright red party flag,Hold the right hand solemnly oath,Revisiting the oath of joining the party。

The development of party spirit education activities of this red base,Let all party members accept the baptism of the mind again,Further stimulate the patriotic feelings of party members,Better Revolutionary Bloodline,Inheritance Red Gene,Everyone unanimously stated that it is necessary to carry forward the glorious tradition,Give full play to the pioneering model of the Communist Party members,Recalling red history、Draw the forgiving power,Invest in work with a high attitude and pragmatic attitude。

(Zhang Aixia)

The Party Branch of the Construction A6 standard project of the North Bay Bay

On the morning of June 30,All party members of the A6 bidding project of the two companies around the Beibu Gulf construction project came to Maoming's History History History Memorial Museum to carry out "Revolutionary Heroes,Appreciation of the original mission "theme party day event。

Huazhou Revolutionary History Memorial Museum is located in Huamei City, Maoming City, Guangdong Province,Construction area of ​​more than 2800 square meters。A large number of revolutionary relics、Historical photos、Text data and other forms truly reflect the revolutionary history of Huazhou,is the largest county -level in Guangdong Province,One of the most abundant revolutionary historical memorials with content。

Party members come to the show hall lobby,Before the red party flag,All party members revisit the party's oath。Subsequent,Follow the footsteps of history,Through the "Xinhai The most accurate football prediction website for The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupthe European CupRevolution", "Star Fire", "Anti -Japanese Beacon", "Liberation Round", "Martyrs' Monument", "Dedication of the Old District", "Leading Cadre" and other seven parts of exhibition content,Looking back on a difficult battle in the revolutionary era,Reading the revolutionary ancestors in the heavier, who has put the family conditions on the personal interests without my choice,In the firmness of the revolution and the fearlessness of life and death, the Communists raised their right fist and swore the vowing power of "struggling for the cause of communism",Through a large number of revolutionary relics、Historical photos、Text and information, remember the loyalty of the Communists、Persistence、Simple hero life。

Through this activity,The party members deeply realize that today’s happy life is not easy。indicates that in the future work,Based on the post、Responsibility for performing duties,Constantly carry forward the revolutionary spirit,Persist in the original heart in the new era and new journey,Dress the mission,Fighting forward。

(Wang Zhishan Report/Photography)

The Party Branch of the South Dan Project

June 30,The Party Branch of the Nanyan Project of the Second Company carried out the theme activity of celebrating the "July 1",Through the party lesson、How to answer knowledge,Let party members and cadres remember the history of the party's hard work,Drama mission,Enhance the cohesion and centripetal force of the branches of the branches of the branches。

Event start,The secretary of the project branch, Niu Kaibo, painted and vividly told everyone the hard course since the founding of the party,Encourage party members of the branch to adhere to the party discipline、Keep the first heart,Excessive politics、Excessive ability、Strong style,Party members who have true talents and practical party members see all,Continuously transforming party members' "red" power into political consciousness of the officer entrepreneurs、Thought Consciousness、Action Consciousness,Always be loyal and clean。After the party learning is over,All party members carried out party history knowledge competition,Consolidated learning results。

History is the The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupbest textbook,Contains the endless ideological power and spiritual kinetic energy。This event,further stimulated the confidence and enthusiasm of all party members of the branch of the branch,For the third quarter for the project,Achieving high -quality performance targets consolidate the foundation of ideology。

(Guo Xuwei)

Party Branch of Shiping Project

July 1,The Party Branch of the Shiping Project has carried out the theme party day event of "Welcome to the Seventh Mission of the Mission and Establishing a New Gong",All party members of the project department、Employee participation,Commonly celebrate the party's birthday。

In the event,branch secretary leads all party members to revisit the party's oath,and distribute party emblems and red books for the newly absorbed preparatory party members,Do a good red inheritance and guidance。Watch the special film of "Lan Road: The Road to Founding the Party" in concentrated,Promoting the enthusiasm of party history learning of party members and employees of the branch。Also on the spot for the party member of the branch to have a political birthday,Send the exquisite commemorative greeting card,Let the party members always keep in mind the mission,Drama at work,Building new skills。Finally branch combined with mass education,Carried out "I am a photo with the party flag" and "Say to the Party" activity,Young league members and employees express their birthday wishes to the party through poetry and sharing.,Keep in mind the spirit of the great party in practice。

Recalling the years,Chuangjin Dynasty glory。Next step,The project branch will actively pass the "three meetings and one lesson",Study on the great party journey,Further let party members strengthen their faith and mission,Gathering group strength,Common agglomeration to promote production,Realize the high -quality development of the project。

(Wang Shuai)

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