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The company holds a large -scale equipment update work promotion meeting

Release Date: 2024-07-02 Source of Information: News Center Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingAuthor: Ni Yuanjing Photography: Ni Yuanjing Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

July 1,The company holds a large -scale equipment update work promotion meeting,In -depth implementation of the Party Central Committee、The State Council's major decision -making deployment on the update of large -scale equipment,Careful implementation,Promote the company's large -scale equipment update,Help the company to speed up strategic transformation and high -quality development。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Company、General Manager Wang Bin attended the meeting and spoke,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee、Deputy General Manager Xu Pengcheng Prested the Meeting Meeting。

Wang Bin emphasized,Accelerating product update is an important measure to promote high -quality development,Implement large -scale equipment updates and consumer goods to change new in the old,It will effectively promote investment and consumption,First, improve political European Cup Reliable Betting Platformstanding,Deep understanding of the significance of the update work of large -scale equipment,To be highly unified in ideology、High consciousness in action、The height on the pace is consistent,Focus on the "big of the country",The need for Juli Kingdom,Be a good "vanguard",Practicing "Two Maintenance" with practical actions and solid results、Show the responsibility of central enterprises; second, we must seize policy opportunities,Close the update of large -scale equipment with the company's strategic transformation and high -quality development,Strictly implement the relevant deployment requirements of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council,Accelerate the update of large -scale equipment in traditional fields,Constantly expand new markets at the same time、Competition for the new track,According to market -oriented resource allocation principles,Focus on key points、Coordinated layout、Precise Force,Introduction The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupto new technologies through equipment updates、New process,Realize industry renewal with equipment updates,Form the intergenerational advantage,Building a new advantage in market competition; third, we must strengthen organization leaders,Reality to update the large -scale equipment,Establish the "one game of chess" thought,Use support policy,Promote steadily and orderly,According to scientific assessment、Easy first and difficult、Principles implemented step by step,Promoting solid and steadily,Make sure the company's large -scale equipment update and transformation work is effective,Make new contributions to accelerating the construction of a world -class enterprise。

Xu Pengcheng put forward three requirements for the spirit of the meeting,First, strengthen work organization,Establish a sound work promotion mechanism,Clarify the division of labor in various departments,Regular coordinated scheduling; the second is to strengthen policy research,Provide scientific guidance and strong support Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingfor the update of large -scale equipment; third, scientific formulation work plan,All sub -enterprises must combine actual,Take the high -quality development of enterprises as action goals,Promoting equipment optimization upgrade,Improve safety and reliability level,Promoting high -end industrial、Intelligent、Green Development。

The person in charge of the relevant department of the company's headquarters attended the meeting at the main venue,The main leaders of each sub -enterprise and the person in charge of the relevant business department attended the meeting at the branch venue。

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