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Xi'an Metro Rental Project Carry out flood prevention and flood emergency drills

Release Date: 2024-07-01 Information Source: Basic Construction Company Author: Xie Tao Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

In order to improve the emergency response ability to respond to the emergency response period of the flood season,June 27,All personnel of Xi'an Metro Rental Project Organization Project Carry out flood control emergency drills。

This drill was carried out on the south side European Cup Reliable Betting Platformof the foundation pit at the construction site,Simulates a large rainfall in summer,Affected by bad weather,Live drainage system drainage slowly,No. 4 Handong Tori Road base pit entrance is serious,and is constantly rising,There is a stagnant water erosion slope,Causes the slope collapse,Risk of economic and property loss。During the exercise,​​When the safety management personnel inspect the scene, find the dangerous situation,Organize personnel evacuation for the first time、Equipment evacuation,Synchronous use of the intercom machine report Emergency office。After the emergency office receives the report,Start the emergency rescue plan immediately,Emergency Rescue Group、Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingMaterial Guarantee Group、Medical Rescue Group、Security Alert Group、The communication liaison group is quickly position,Pocket cooperation、Cooperative combat,Tension and orderly complete the release of early warning information、Preliminary disposal of flood conditions、Personnel injury and safety treatment and other on -site emergency rescue work。

After the exercise is over,The project evaluates the effect of this exercise,Put up the problems found during the exercise,Putting a solution,Summary,Further optimized the project emergency rescue plan。

This flood prevention drill has allowed all the project personnel to improve the ability to deal with emergency emergency during the flood Bet on today's European Cup resultsseason,Further realize how to be correct、Accurate、Quickly deal with emergencies,The project will take this exercise as an opportunity,Continue to strengthen the hidden dangers during the flood season,Implementation of flood measures,Make sure safety flood。

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