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All units of the company carry out the 6th Five -Five Environment Day Publicity Activities

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June 5,At the time of the 53rd World Environment Day,Equipment and material company closely focused on the theme of the event of "Comprehensive Promoting Beauty China Construction" in the Sixth Five -Year Environment Day of 2024,Organization to carry out a variety of learning and propaganda activities。

At the beginning of the event,Director of the Management Management Department Yang Lei read the notice of the company's 2024 Sixth Five -Year Environment Day propaganda work,Explanation of the specific content of the event。Subsequent,Lead the participants to watch The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupthe national home (Guangxi) promotional video、Theme publicity poster、Theme MV、"Regarding the deepening of" beautiful China,I am a series of activity work plan "(illustration version) and" Ten Articles of Citizen Ecological Environmental Behavior "poster。Last,All staff learned the training courseware of the 6th Five -Year Environment Day of Equipment and Materials Company,Learn about the significance and world environmental problems of environmental daily publicity every year,Master the national environmental protection laws and regulations、Company environmental protection management measures and ecological environmental protection knowledge, etc.。

Development through a series of publicity activities,Further enhanced the majority of employees' environmental awareness,Guide employees consciously practicing simple and moderate in production and life、Green Low Carbon、Civilized and healthy lifestyle and consumer mode,and drive the group around,Help ecological environmental protection publicity,Be a practical actor who comprehensively promotes the construction of beautiful China。

European Cup Reliable Betting Platform

(Gao Yaping report/photography)

A company

June 5,The Youth League Committee of the First Engineering Company organizes the "Resonance with Nature Let Beauty Start" World Environment Day Theme Group Day event。

In the event,The safety and environmental protection departments have conducted announcements to the youth of the majority of members in the four aspects of the "environmental day introduction", "knowing our earth", "the importance of protecting the environment", "what can we do" and "what can we do"。

Zhang Yihui, Secretary of the Youth League Committee of a Company, emphasized in the summary,First, pay attention to,Further enhances the sense of UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingresponsibility of doing a good job of ecological environmental protection; the second is to consolidate results,Acting one anti -three comprehensive elimination of hidden dangers of the ecological environment,Do a good job of rectification,Make sure various problems and hidden dangers in place in time,Eliminate the hidden environment from the source,Ensure the environmental safety and stability; the third is to strengthen cooperation,Form working together,Jointly promoting ecological environmental protection work to improve quality and efficiency,Efforts to make new progress in promoting a company's ecological environmental protection work actively contribute youthful power。

Through this theme group day event,The concept of ecological civilization has been popularized,Enhanced the majority of members of the group members to care about the environment、The enthusiasm of participating in ecological and environmental protection,Created society's attention、Support、A good atmosphere of participating in ecological environmental protection,Effectively improved the environmental protection environment、Love Nature、Consciousness of building a beautiful home,Established a civilized, healthy green life concept。

(Xiaosha Report/Photography)

Basic Construction Company

In the afternoon of June 5,Basic Construction Company organized the launch of the "Six and Five Environment Days" promotional activities with the theme of "Comprehensive Promoting Beauty China Construction" in 2024,Leadership of Basic Construction Company、42 employees of each department participated in this promotional activity。

The "Notice on Doing the Publicity Work of the Sixth Five -Year Environment Day in 2024" at the meeting,The "Sixth Five -Five Bet on today's European Cup resultsEnvironment Day" publicity activities were deployed and arranged,At the meeting, the organization watched the 2024 Sixth Five -Year Environment Day theme promotional video、Organize the study of "Ten Articles of the Code of Ecological Environmental Behavior"。

Meeting requirements,All party members and employees of the basic construction company must take the sixth and fiveth environment as an opportunity,Firmly establish and practice the concept of "green water and green mountains is the golden mountains and silver mountains",Promoting ecological culture,Cultivate ecological ethics,Actively participate in the practice of ecological environmental protection,Require projects to carefully study environmental protection laws and regulations and "Ten Articles of Citizen Ecological Environmental Behavior" and typical cases of ecological environmental protection、Advanced Deed、Advanced figures,Give full play to the role of example demonstration and value leading function,Each project should give full play to the role of the new media platform,Use poster、Cloud、VR、Short video science popularization and other forms organize online、offline promotion,Consciously fulfill the responsibility of ecological environmental protection,Practice simple and moderate、Green Low Carbon、Civilized and healthy life concept and lifestyle。

All projects affiliated to the basic construction company will continue to strengthen the environmental protection consciousness in the daily life of all staff、Control of material consumption,Promote moderate consumption。Resolutely prevent pollution environmental behavior,Further strengthen environmental protection work,Resolutely promote the good atmosphere of green environmental The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupprotection of basic construction companies。

(Liu Min/Report Hu Yinxia/Photography)

Second Company

In the afternoon of June 5,The Second Project Department of the Guangning Miger Pingtian Mine Organization organized the 2024 "6 · 5" World Environment Day。

By at the scene、Camp County Hanging Poster,Electronic Screen Announcement "Modernization of Construction Harmony and Harmony Nature" activity theme,Putting environmental protection and training to the employees of the project department,and focus on signing the "Environmental Protection Initiative",Further advocate project employees to perform environmentally friendly green production and lifestyle,Participate in the social practice of ecological civilization construction and environmental protection。

Event promotes the concept of ecological culture and green development,Guide all members to know and do one,Actively participate in the construction of project environmental protection and ecological civilization,Formed everyone、Everything、Advocate ecological civilization from time to time,Freshy of promoting green development,To achieve the beauty and development of the Guangning Mine Project,Created a good atmosphere。

(Wang Hongmei/Report Shi Yinghan/Photography)

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