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Third Engineering Company held the theme party day event of "Party Construction Leading Safety" and the launching ceremony of European Cup Reliable Betting Platform"Safety Production Month" in 2024

Release Date: 2024-06-05 Information Source: Three Companies Author: Chengxu Bo Ma Chi Photography: Cheng Xu Bo Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

On the morning of June 2,The launching ceremony of the third engineering company in 2024 was successfully held in the Hemei Rural Project Department。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the Third Engineering Company、Executive General Manager Yang Jianhu,Deputy General Manager Zhang Ning、Zhang Yaohui and the "Four Responsibility System" around Xi'an projects、Safety managers, etc. to participate in the ceremony。Lei Junping, Security Director of the Third Engineering Company, chaired the ceremony。

Zhang Ning reads the three company party committees on the theme practical activities of the "Party Construction Leading Safety Pioneer"。Zhang Yaohui reads the "Third Engineering Company 2024" Safety Production Month "activity plan,deployed various work tasks and target responsibilities of this safety production month。

Yang Jianhu put forward specific requirements,First, insist on party building leaders,Effectively improve the political Bet on today's European Cup resultsstanding and responsibility of doing a good job of work safety。Each project should adhere to the leadership of party building,Continuous study and implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important exposition and important instructions on production safety,Effectively improve the consciousness and responsibility of doing a good job of work safety。Second, comprehensively check the hidden dangers of risks,Establish a sense of responsibility and mission of doing a good job of work safety。Each project shall compare the criteria of major accidents in the industry and the group company strictly check the hidden danger list,For key areas that are prone to safety accidents、Key links、Perform hidden dangers of risk hidden dangers for investigation and rectification of key parts,Promoting the dynamics of safety hazards to clear zero。Third is to establish a sound long -term mechanism,The bottom line and red line of the work safety work work safety。Each project must unswervingly carry out the standardization of production safety and emergency capacity construction,Focus on experience summary,Bet on today's European Cup resultsAccurate Preparatory Risk,perfect "check、Change、test "closed -loop chain,Ensure that the operation environment of the three companies、Equipment and facilities safety、Safety of staff homework,We must unswervingly promote the improvement of security management。

The representative of the project under construction and Cui Kai made a statement in the Meimei Rural Project Department,Emphasize the necessity and importance of safety production,It means that it will go all out to ensure the safety of the project。Fan Junjun, the project department of Xi'an East Station, led all personnel to carry out the European Cup Reliable Betting Platform"Safety Production Month" oath commitment,and sign on the "Safety Production Month" banner and "Party Member Safety Note",Expressing the determination and confidence of all employees for safety production。

At the flag granting ceremony,The leaders of the meeting are Weinan Jiangjia Water Factory、Hemei Village、Xi'an East Station Project Department awarded the "Party Member Safety Supervision Team", "Party Member Security Commando", "Youth Safety Demonstration Pib" banner,Inspired all employees The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupto actively invest in work safety。At the same time,All staff also received the European Cup Reliable Betting Platform"Safety Production Month" publicity manual,To better understand and master safety knowledge,Really "everyone talks about safety、Each Emergency -Unblocked Life Channel "falls into practice,Deep people's hearts。

The third engineering company will take this event as an opportunity,Continue strengthening safety education for employees,Enhance the safety awareness of employees,Clear safety responsibility,Resolutely eliminate major hidden dangers,Promoting the normalization of hidden dangers investigation and management、Long -acting,Create a good security environment for the sustainable and healthy development of the three companies。

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