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One company's units carry out the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month"

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A company headquarters

On the occasion of the 23rd "Safety Production Month" across the country,For the comprehensive deployment of a company's "Safety Production Month" various activities。May 28,Hydropower Third Bureau One Company held the launching ceremony of the 2024 "Safety Production Month" event。Secretary of the Party Committee of a company、General Manager Chen Xiaoyi chaired and spoke。A company leader team、The heads and project leaders of the headquarters and projects attended the meeting through the form of "online+offline"。

will be on the meeting,Director of Security Cui Baikui read the "Three -year Action Implementation Plan for the Safety Production Treatment of First Engineering Company",Detailed deployment of "Three -Year Action for Turbish Turbish"。Director of the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection Wu Xingpeng announced the "First Engineering Company 2024" Safety Production Month "activity plan。Participants Signing on the Blinds of Publicity on the Safety Production Month。

Chen Xiaoyi spoke and made four requirements,The first is to implement safety responsibility,Promoting development。Adhere to the overall development and safety,Highlighting responsibility implementation、source governance、Inspection and inspection,Implement the safety responsibility system for all staff、Hidden Danger Investigation and Management、"Package System+Grid" and other security methods。The second is to recognize the current situation,firm confidence。In -depth work of hidden dangers investigation and management and safety dynamic control,Self -examination self -correction with normal safety management,Find the management vulnerability,System analysis cause,Establish improvement measures,Further improve management level and work effectiveness。Three is the topic of tightly siege activities,Coordinated advance。Focusing on the theme of "Everyone Talks Safety Emergency-Unblocked Life Channel" themes to carry out various safety activities,Give full play to the union、The important role of mass organizations such as the Communist Youth League,Make sure the "Safety Production Month" activity achieves effectiveness。Fourth is to highlight management focus,Pay attention to implementation。Do a good job of hidden danger investigation Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingand governance、Flood prevention and flood、Dangerous Engineering Supervision,Combined with "Safety Production Month"、Standardization of production safety、Annual Safety Theme Activity,Comprehensively carry out four responsibility system performance assessments,Tighten the safety awareness of managers at all levels,Further consolidate the foundation for safety production。

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(Cao Yongda Report/Zhang Runguo Photography)

Mal block project

June 1,Mal blocked the project department to organize the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month",Member of the project leaders、All departments、The person in charge of the work area and on -site manager participated in the event。

The project gives full play to the characteristics of the snowy plateau region,Arrange on the Safety Activity Monthly Arrangement to Carry out "Safety Publicity Consultation Day" and other activities,Play the "Safety Production Month" event promotional videos and public welfare advertisements through on -site,Post public welfare poster,Distribution of safety emergency science science information,Policies and policies for centralizing production safety、Laws and regulations、Safety knowledge and hedging escape skills, etc.,Strengthening safety production awareness,Continuous enhancement of the influence of activities、Infectious power。

In recent years,Mal blocks the project department actively carried out a monthly production safety month activity,Combined with activities such as "Battle and Non -Governance" and "Safety Production Examination",Constantly improving the relevant supervision mechanism,Fully protect the security construction of the project,Contribute to the company's high -quality development。

(Reported by Han Jianwei/Photography)

Zhen'an Project

June 2,Zhen'an Pumping Power Power Station Project Organization has carried out the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month"。Zhou Junfeng, Security Director of the Supervision Center、Project leaders、Relevant personnel of various departments and collaborative teams participate in the launching ceremony。Project manager Wu Shengli presided over the meeting and spoke。

will be on the meeting,The project leadership team issued a safety manual to various collaborative units and issued a safety production initiative,Participants watched the safety education display before the class。

Wu Shengli emphasized,Take the "Safety Production Month" activity as an opportunity,Improve political standing,Further enhanced the sense of responsibility for production safety。Fighting the essence of the essence,Strengthening hard core measures,Perseverance to carry out safety hazards investigation and rectification work,Actively prevent and curb various accidents,Ensure that the safety production situation of the project department continues to stabilize and improves,Enterprise for the enterprise's high -quality surpassing development and escort。

(Reported by Zhao Jianguo/Photography)

Tianshui Quxi Project

May 31,Tianshui Quxi Project officially launched as "everyone talks about safety、Each Emergency -Unblocked Life Channel "The theme" Safety Production Month "activity,Project leaders and owners、Supervision、Design、Consultation and other units participate in the launching ceremony。

At the launching ceremony,Zhu Xiaohong, the production manager of the general contracting department, announced the "Safety Production Month" activity plan,Clarified the target task and advance step。Subsequent Quxi Company、Project company、The supervision unit delivered a speech European Cup Reliable Betting Platformin turn,Emphasize that the general contracting department must further strengthen the bottom line thinking and red line consciousness of all employees' safety production,Project management personnel must drive all participants to fight for safe employees。

Project Manager Zhao Wensheng emphasized,The Ministry of Safety and Environment must strengthen safety education and training in daily work,Improve employees' safety operation skills and awareness of security precautions。Lectures by holding security knowledge、Carry out emergency exercise and other activities,enable all employees to be proficient in safety operating procedures and emergency response skills,Effectively prevent and reduce the occurrence of safety accidents。

After the launching ceremony is over,The General Contracting Department issues a security brochure for all employees participating in the event。

(Wang Huan Report/Photography)

Dengzhou Renmin Road Project

June 1,The Dengzhou Renmin Road Project Department organized the launching ceremony of the 2024 "Safety Production Month" event in the theme of "Everyone talks about safety -unblocked life channels"。

At the ceremony, the "Implementation Plan for the" Safety Production Month "event in 2024",Learned relevant documents,Watch the full -time production month theme training video "Life Channel",Through a series of activities,firmly established people -oriented、Safety development concept,Enhance personnel safety awareness,Promoting the improvement of production safety and continuous improvement of production safety。

The project will strengthen organizational leadership in subsequent work、Highlights,Create the atmosphere of "Everyone talks about safety -unblocked life channels,Establish all staff safety awareness,Promoting project safety development,Create a good security environment for the project,Provide security for the company's high -quality development。

(Ma Qi Report/Photography)

Lanzhou Engineering Project

June 2,Lanzhou Engineering Project Department held the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" event。All members of the project department、More than 20 people in charge of each subcontractor participated。

At the launching ceremony,Secretary of the Party Branch、Project manager Yue Yanlong conveyed the company and a company's safety production month activity plan,Leading all the members watched the theme to promote public welfare videos,Signature on the theme banner。Subsequent,He put forward work requirements on the implementation plan of the "Safety Production Month" of the project department。He emphasizes,All members of the project department、Each team must actively organize safety monthly publicity,Investigation and treatment of hidden dangers of major accidents、Dangerous chemical chemicals、Flood prevention and geological disaster prevention、Starting on the spot、Cooking basket construction、Lift operations, etc. work together,Multiple measures,Heavy punch attack,揪 揪,Comprehensively promote the situation of the security situation,Guarantee of the safety completion of projects under construction。

Next,The project department will closely focus on the theme of "Everyone talks about safety and emergency — unblocked life channels",Strongly carry out good safety knowledge promotion education and training、Investigation and rectification of hidden dangers of the accident、Fire emergency exercise and other activities,Constantly improving employee risk Bet on today's European Cup resultsprevention、Safety emergency consciousness and self -rescue and mutual rescue ability,Make sure the "Safety Production Month" activities achieve real results,Create a good safety environment for a company's high -quality development。

(Fan Chunyan Report/Shi Chaolong Photography)

Quota Ji Liao project

June 1,Leading Jijiao Liao project organizes "everyone talks about safety、Each of them is emergency -unblocked the Life Channel "Safety Production Monthly Launch Ceremony,All staff of the project participation。

Before the launching ceremony,The project actively formulates a monthly production safety activity plan,Through the establishment of an activity leadership group、Plan for the development of the activity、Requirements for refined activities, etc.,Comprehensive deployment of various tasks of safety production month。

At the launching ceremony,Secretary of the Party Branch、Project manager Gao Lu reads safe production oaths,Take the lead in signing on the theme banner of the safety production month。The meeting made a comprehensive deployment of safety production work in the second half of 2024,Organizational watched the warning educational film "Responsibility for Safety Production in Shoulder"。

Next,The project department will continue to optimize the activity plan,Increase safety management and control,Provides solid security guarantee for the project's high -efficiency performance and the company's high -quality development。

(Wang Jiarong Report/Photography)

Nanyang Medicine Holy Temple Project

June 2,Nanyang Medical Saint Temple Cultural Park Project holds the launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" event。

At the ceremony,Project Security Director Report 2024 Safety Production Month Activity Plan,The person in charge of the Ministry of Safety and Environment launched the Special Safety Education Training for Safety Management System and "Safety Production Law",Secretary of the Party Branch、Project Manager Han Gang Kun carried out special education and training training for energy conservation and environmental protection,and organize all employees to watch the main promotional video of the safety production month theme。

After the launching ceremony is over,All employees of the General Contracting Department are solemnly signed on the theme banner of "Safety Production Month" in 2024。The project will continue to solid a security red line consciousness,Promote the implementation of the responsibility system for safety production,Emphasis on the quality of the hidden dangers of safety risks,Improve all members、Full system found problems、The strong willingness and ability level of solving the problem,Contribute to the company's high -quality development。

(Zhong Jie Report/Li Shuai Photography)

Lanzhou New District Engineering Project

June 3,Lanzhou New District Engineering Project Union Construction Company、Yu Jie Environmental Protection Company launched the launching ceremony and electric shock of the "Safety Production Month" in the third town of domestic sewage treatment and water circulation utilization center project、Emergency drills fall at heights。

At the launching ceremony,Make a safety commitment for all personnel,Expressing confidence and determination to express the promise of "key subjects" in production safety。All staff are printed with "everyone talks about safety  Each one is emergency -signature on the banner of unblocked life channels,Signed a solemn commitment for safety production。

UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingAfter the ceremony,Immediately carry out emergency drills at high places fall and electric shock damage,Discipline scene Sites Simulation Workers when they have not suspended seat belts,Temporary cables are laid on the scaffold,During the operation, the workers accidentally cut the cable outer skin due,Put it on a scaffold,As a result of the worker's electric shock and fall from a high place。​​On -site safety officers discovered the accident in time and reported it step by step,Quickly launch the "Settlement Plan for Falling High Sights" and "Special Emergency Plan for Electric Press Increase",Project rescue rescue team、The Medical Rescue Group Contact the resident hospital,Put the wounded to the hospital in time。This exercise fully demonstrates the participating personnel up and down、Internal and external linkage、Fast response and effective rescue ability,reached the inspection plan、running -in mechanism、Exercise team、Purpose of improving ability。

Next,Lanzhou New District Engineering Project will tighten the security red line,In -depth implementation of the requirements for production safety,Speaking of high -quality safety production guarantee to help projects quickly advance,Let the people's livelihood project benefit the people of the New District as soon as possible。

(Li Chen Report/Photography)

Sheep Song Engineering Project

June 4,The launching ceremony of the "Safety Production Month" event for the sheep song engineering project,Re -mobilization of the safety production work of the project、Delivery。

At the launching ceremony,Participants watched the "Safe Production Month" public welfare short film,Secretary of the Party Branch、Project manager Zhao Guicheng mobilized the project to carry out the "Safety Production Month" activity,and deploy the "Safe Production Month" activity for the organizational arrangement。He emphasizes,Focusing on the "Unblocked Life Channel" requires the project department to carry out thorough life channels for unblocked investigation,Solve the occupation、Block、Closed Emergency Fire Channel、Evacuation Stairs、Safety exports and other issues; emergency evacuation drills that simulate fire and earthquake scenes,Promoting the safety awareness of all staff,Promote the implementation of the safety responsibility of all staff,Improve the ability of all staff for emergency response,Effectively curb the occurrence of various types of safety accidents。

Next,All members of the project department will take the initiative to take the initiative,Pressing the responsibility of safety production at all levels,Solid promotion of security management improvement actions,Treatment in both the symptoms、Cracking the problem with hard work,Pay close attention to the inspection and control of risk grading and hidden dangers in key areas,Organize the "Unblocked Life Channel" drill,Solidly promote the deep integration of party building and production safety,Multiple forms to do a good job of safety publicity,Resolutely carrying the responsibility for security,Provide a solid guarantee for a company's high -quality development。

(Liu Yanhong Report/Photography)

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