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The "Safety Production Month" event in the construction and construction field of Chongqing Wandosheng Economic Development Zone was launched in the Wandong Project

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June 3,Chongqing Wan Sheng project revolves around "Everyone talks about safety、Emergency -the topic of the event,Carrying out the construction of the Chongqing Wan Sheng Economic and Technological Development Zone in 2024 "Safety Production Month" launching ceremony and emergency exercise of the crash accident。

Chongqing Wandong Economic and Technological Development Zone Housing and Urban -Rural Development Bureau Deputy Director Zhang Li、Zhu Shenglong, deputy director of the Emergency Administration Bureau,and various construction units under construction in Wan Sheng District, Chongqing、Supervision unit、Leaders and representatives of construction units participated in the event。

Event start,All staff watched the accident case warning education film "Line Defense",Education films reminds you and educate everyone at all times to keep vigilance,Strictly abide by the bottom line of safety production。In the statement of the statement,Construction unit、The representatives of the supervision unit and the construction unit spoke separately。

The construction unit represents the safety director of the basic construction company, Gao Xiaoyu solemnly expressed,The project department will firmly establish the concept of safety development,Strict implementation of safety production laws and regulations and standard specifications,Establish and improve the safety production responsibility system,Strengthen education and training,Enhance the safety awareness and emergency ability of all staff,Provide a solid guarantee for the smooth implementation of the project construction。In subsequent work,All employees of the project will be full of passion and work style,Doing and doing fine production,Guarantee project high -quality performance。

Zhang Li emphasized in his speech,First, we must continuously improve the ideological understanding of safe production,The main line with the three -year operation of the production safety treatment,Focus on the special rectification of hidden dangers of major accidents,Resolutely curb production safety accidents。Second, we must fully implement the safety responsibility of the subjects and project The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupdepartments of all parties and project departments.,The implementation of the first -line job responsibility system with key positions to perform duties as the starting point,Construct a security responsibility system with the construction unit as the primary responsibility。Third, to continuously strengthen the level of civilized construction,Strictly implement standard specifications,Improve the overall level of the industry。Putting people's life safety and occupational health in the first place,Managers at all levels must fully understand the importance of safety production,Effectively grasp the safety work of the construction site,Education and training of first -line operators,Make new and greater contributions to maintaining the safety of life and property of the majority of employees and the safety and stability of the construction area of ​​the Wan Sheng Economic Development Zone。

With the advancement of the activity,Related leaders jointly press the startup ball of the "Safety Production Month" activity,It marks the official launch of the 2024 "Safety Production Month" event。

Then,An emergency Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingdrill of an analog scaffolding began to perform。The exercise simulates a scene where the construction site scaffolding suddenly collapses due to unstable collapse,The emergency plan was launched immediately at the scene,The Emergency Rescue Team of the Economic Development Zone and the 120 Command Center quickly dispatched,and closely cooperate with the project rescue team,Common rescue mission。The entire exercise process is compact and orderly,A good synergistic ability is displayed between each group,Finally successfully completed the rescue operation,Make sure the implementation of the exercise goals。After the exercise is over,Safety experts reviewed the exercise,and put forward further improvement opinions。

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