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[Party Discipline Learning Education] The Party Committee of the Base Management Center carried out the theme party day event of "Study on the Board of Study in the Heart, Shou Ji, to do a integrity of the family"

Release Date: 2024-06-05 Information Source: Base Management Center Author: Shang Yuhong Photography: Ye Jun Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

June 3,To effectively strengthen the party's discipline construction,Promoting the development of the party in a strict and strict development of the party,Ensure that party discipline learning and education is carried Bet on today's European Cup resultsout solidly,The Party Committee of the Base Management Center organizes all party members to go to Ankang City, Xunyang City, Lianjiajian Family Style Education Base-Xunyang Vocational and Technical School,Carrying out the theme party day event of "Learning Judging from the Heart and Shou Ji Yu Xing Family Explanation",Education guidance all party members and cadres firmly ideals and beliefs,Common inheritance of excellent family style,Take a good life。

In the "Family Style Pavilion",Following the pace of all party members,By viewing board、View Video、How to listen to the explanation,Listening to teachings with traditional and modern images,Carefully understand the family members of celebrities of all ages,Gradually feel the integrity of the family style,Drawing Bet on today's European Cup resultsnutrients from the training of family style、Feel "sincere filial piety and frugality and",Wind the wind of soaking and savage frugality。Read the picture for all party members、physical information,Stopping and looking at before the model demonstration list,Sighing thought before the case of illegal warning。

Develop home style、Teacher Wind Practice Base Activity,It aims to make these for a long time、Family traditional concepts with progressive significance to guide party members and cadres to truly inherit and promote Chinese excellent traditional culture,Internalization in the heart、Externalization,Ancestor Great Confucianism and Jiajia style of local historical masters、Home Training Family Regulations,It has strengthened the UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingconfidence of promoting the good atmosphere of society with a good family style,Promote social atmosphere with good family style and family training,High -quality development for high -quality development is to create a strong atmosphere of "wind and clear air"。

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