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Perseverance of "Green" to develop a new picture of green low -carbon development -Malm block water power station construction documentary

Release Date: 2024-06-05 Information Source: Party Committee Work Department Author: Zhou Wei Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Mal Water Block Hydropower Station,The highest altitude at the top of the Yellow River、Hydropower stations with the largest installation capacity、National "Western Power East" backbone power point,It is also Qinghai to build a national clean energy industry highland、Constructing a powerful support for the new power system,The construction of the project and even the future production operation will continue to inject strong power into local economic growth,In particular, it is particularly significant for promoting local economic and social development of ethnic minorities。At the same time,For promoting low -carbon transformation of energy、Realizing the target of dual carbon has far -reaching significance。

China Electrical Construction as a global clean low -carbon energy、Leader of water resources and environmental construction,Effective shoulders "Construction of Clean Energy,Create a green environment,Serving Smart City "mission,Actively invest in power stations,For 11 years,Electrical Construction Children Adhering to the "self -improvement and courage to surpass" corporate spirit,Fear of fearless,With amazing perseverance and courage,Snow plateau at 3300 meters above sea level,Guardian green ecology,Build a dam,Creation,Painted the new painting of green low -carbon development。

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General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Green Low Carbon Development,This is the trend,Shun Zhichang。”

The average altitude of 3300 meters above sea level。Malm Blocking Hydropower Station Concrete Panel Pilestone Dam Top 3283 meters high,The height of the dam body is 211 meters,Total filling volume of 10.55 million cubic meters,belongs to first -class large (Ⅰ) water power station,It is the highest -level high -grade high -concrete panel pile stone dam at the highest altitude under construction in China,Known as "the highest dam of the plateau"。

The power station is located on the dry flow of the Yellow River at the junction of Tongde County and Maqin County, Qinghai Province,It is a national key energy project。This project is invested and constructed by the National Energy Group,Survey and Design of the Northwest Courtyard of China Electricity Construction,Three innings of hydropower、Construction of seven water and electricity innings and other units,Beijing Court Supervision。Hydropower Third Bureau mainly undertakes the dam and the spillway project of hydropower stations。This hydropower station is the backbone power point of the country's implementation of "West East Transmission" and "Qingdian Entering Yu"UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Betting,It is also a key energy project of the country and Qinghai Province。For 11 years,Electric buildings have left an endless footprint for the high -quality construction of the Malm block。

The winter is long and cold in the winter,6 months in winter,The lowest temperature can reach minus 30 degrees Celsius,The oxygen content is less than 60%in the Mainland。Construction efficiency is only about half of the plain area。The harsh conditions cause the work efficiency of the equipment and the severely reduced physical fitness of the workers。Facing plateau challenges、Geological Test、Test of the human body、Tension and other challenges for construction period,The builders of the three innings of the hydropower chose to adhere to the first line,No one retreats、No complaint,It can be carried at the critical moment、Top it,Use practical actions to interpret "Speaking Conditions first,Gu Xiaojia's first care of everyone "The cultural connotation of the water and electricity three bureaus,Show the responsibility and responsibility of the electrical building in the new era,Draw more ecological with each green、Green Malm Block Hydropower Station。

As a country, the backbone power point of Western Power delivery is implemented,After the power plant is completed, it will help Qinghai Province to build a highland of the national clean energy industry,Economic development of promoting ethnic minority regions,Drive pumping storage、Photovoltaic、The development and utilization of new energy such as wind power plays an important role。

Innovation drive  Construction of high -quality project

New quality productivity "feature is innovation,The key lies in quality,essentially advanced productivity "。Technology Innovation,is the core element of new productivity。

During the built -up period,Facing the difficulty of construction、Material transportation difficulties、The weather is rainy and changing、Winter temperature low、Thin oxygen caused by heavy difficulty in mechanical improvement,First Engineering Company, the first engineering company that undertakes the construction of the dam construction, gives full play to the leading role of the central enterprise's scientific and technological innovation strength and industry,Practice the construction of Gao Tu Shiba under the new situation,Actively study application new technology、New equipment、New materials、New equipment,Promoting the construction of project construction quality and efficiency。

During the filming of the dam,Mal blocks the project department for the first time adopted micro -pressure difference static level、Flexible diagonal meter、Conventional water pipe sedimentation meter、Electromagnetic depression pipes and other methods to monitor the damper deformation and deformation of the dam body;,Avoid uneven settlement after filling the dam body; the first 36 -ton heavy vibration crusher is used for damping the crushing,Effectively improved the quality of the dam filling。At the same time,Use advanced and mature GPS intelligent crushing technology,System pressure laying compact thickness、Vibration Muling Train Track、Vibration status、Walking speed、Crush the number of crushes for real -time monitoring,Before crushing、Middle、After intelligent analysis and feedback control,greatly improved operational efficiency。In the construction of panel concrete,The project department starts with raw materials,Enhance the panel concrete anti -frozen cracking strength,Use intelligent maintenance system,Monitor internal and external temperature distribution、Environmental humidity、Wind wind speed、Solar radiation and other factors,Implement automatic analysis and control of Bet on today's European Cup resultssprinkler time and frequency。In stone transport,Use pure electric ore car for pulling,Reduced carbon dioxide emissions,further saving cost。

Construction team "Local materials",Drawing on the "stacking stone" skills that have been inherited in the local area,Use stacked stone drying process during the construction of the dam body,Create a stack of 200 meters of high -end panel stacks; low construction temperature in winter,The project is easy to use the warm shed、Inspiration measures such as tropical heating and quilt coverage,"Dressing Dress" for the drain pipe,Give the work "Sheds", "Bake Owner",The method of giving the concrete "cover quilt" transforms the original 4 -month break -out period into a construction tackling period,Effectively improved the quality and progress of winter concrete construction,Complete the dam toe plate on time、The concrete pouring mission of the flood road。

Many of the innovation points in the construction process of Mal's hydropower station are "the first time in China",attracted many other engineering builders in high altitude areas to come to learn from。June 20th to 21st, 2023,More than 100 experts and representatives participating in the technical exchange meeting of Gao Tushi Basket Construction under the new situation,and given a high degree of evaluation。

 Increased quality and efficiency  Running out of the "speed"

The Secretary of the Party Branch of the Mal blocking project in the third instructor of Hydropower、Manager Zhang Cheng,Born in 1985,From "Ben Three" to "Ben 4",Zhang Cheng insisted on 11 years in the Mal blocked project,He told reporters: "Here is more ice and snow、Multi -Storm、Strong Sunlight、Strong radiation,The oxygen content is only half of the plain。Just come to Mal block,Almost everyone has different degrees of plateau reactions。Even a normal cold,It is basically unable to recover without half a month。And,Long -term work of the plateau,It is easy to induce plateau heart disease、Plateau pulmonary edema、Pulmonary embolism and other physiological lesions。

Facing difficult conditions、High environment,The MOST Accurate Football Prediction Website for the EUROPEAN CUP builders have not retracted,Think about their hearts、Jimmering in one place,Efforts towards the same goal。They always adhere to the corporate spirit of "self -improvement and courage to surpass",Interpretation of the responsibility and responsibility of central enterprises with practical actions。They are positive,Strengthening party building leading thoughts,Focusing on the characteristics of project construction and difficulty in production and operation,Actively create "Snow Highland Party Banner Red" key project party building brand,Through the establishment of ideological education、Two red platforms for talent training,Constructing safety、Construction、Business、Technical and other four red positions,Integrate party building work into the various tasks of the project production and operation,Let the red party flag flutter high on the snowy plateau。2022,Malm Blocking Hydropower Dam Filling and the Construction of the Spill Road is at a critical moment to seize the construction period,The project party branch gives full play to political leaders、Demonstration guidance,A solid system、Building an excellent grassroots,Adhere to the "red grid" as the carrier,Where is the production and operation、Where to develop business、Where can the construction of the party follow up,The role of the fighting fortress of the party branch and the pioneering model of the party member is reflected。Leading employees through the demonstration of party members、branch Jianyou project system、Condensing project development momentum,Solidation leads the majority of employees and cadres European Cup Reliable Betting Platformto overcome difficulties、Creating a good performance,Efficient、Contractly promoting project production construction,The Malm block project is made into a boutique project with the leading guarantee role of the party branch、Model Project。

December 2020,National Energy Group becomes a construction unit,The project construction has re -entered the right track,Facing the thin oxygen oxygen、Equipment reduction、Winter temperature low、The weather is rainy and changing、Unusual tension in construction period、heavy difficulties such as construction tasks,All builders of the three innings of hydropower,Make full promotion "hypoxia is not short of spirit,The spirit of high altitude high fighting spirit,Completed one after another engineering node target,"Electric Construction Speed" accelerated on the Qinghai -Tibet Plateau。Dam Design time 30 months,Actual 18 months complete filling,Create the dam squeezing the border wall and the monthly increase rate of 25.2 meters、Monthly filled intensity of 750,000 cubic meters and many other domestic leading construction records,Complete toe concrete pouring in 35 days in advance,Complete the second phase of panel pouring in 25 days in advance,Complete all the targets of the dam panel 60 days in advance。

Refresh results,is the result of the creation of vitality to create vitality for electrical building,Relying on scientific and technological progress、Perseverance of the victory of independent innovation,The crystallization of the wisdom and courage of the majority of electricity construction builders。

Light in the eyes,Dreams in my heart。This group of strugglers who dare to work hard and dare to do it with action to make people firm,The future of the three innings of hydropower will be better and better。

Adhering to the original intention  Planting new quality productive forces

Malm Blocking Hydropower Station Project is located in the largest nature reserve in China,It is also the most concentrated protected area in the world's high -altitude areas,Known as the "China Water Tower",Ecological status is important and special。

This project has always adhered to the "side construction、Edge Protection "important concept,Place ecological protection in the first place,"Protect the ecological environment like protecting the eyes"。The project department actively practiced the concept of green development,Strictly follow the principles of ecological priority,Through reasonable planning and scientific management,Maximum reduction of the impact on the environment。Starting from the beginning of construction,Use a green pure electric ore car to pull the dam to fill the dam,Reduced the emissions of carbon dioxide; integrated automatic spraying system,Reduced the dust generated by construction; for the dam、Biofelry Construction Bio、vegetation is not damaged,The project department adopts "side construction、Border Recovery "measures formulated relevant measures,Carry out vegetation transplant,Wildlife assistance and other activities,Overall construction for repairable areas,Improve the irreparable area,Create a slope -like green landscape space project,Ecological restoration after construction、The vegetation recovery index needs to reach more than 100%; organize employees to carry out tree planting activities every year,Let the construction plant area be green; the employee living camp adopts an integrated sewage treatment system,Repeated use of water resources,Ensure that the water resources of Sanjiangyuan are not polluted,Political responsibility of carried green development and ecological protection。This series of effective measures,Ensure the protection and recovery of the ecological UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingenvironment,Around the project,Large -scale green belt and vegetation restoration project have been widely implemented,Make the surrounding environment obviously recover,It also provides a better ecological environment for local residents。

It is understood,September 2023,The project department cooperates with the owner to carry out the precious fish proliferation and release activities of the upper reaches of the Yellow River,Under the on -site supervision notarization of the local competent department,Commonly released national second -level protective wildlife maternal cricket plateau、Dangerous species Yellow River naked cracked fish fry,Injects new life and vitality into the biological diversity of the Yellow River,Promoting the protection of fish species resources in natural waters,Maintaining the ecological balance of natural waters,Improve the ecological environment of the Yellow River waters。During construction,Cooperate with the owner to make up and transplant Qinghai Yunshan、More than 58,000 plants in Qilian Bali,Transit more than 1.6 million cubic meters,Fu Lu more than 250 acres,54,000 square meters with McGa tendon pads,Construction intercepting drainage ditch 1924 meters,Remove 53,000 square meters occupied by the river protection shore,Actively help accelerate the formation of the sustainable development trend of the harmonious symbiosis of people and nature in the Yellow River Basin。

Mal's Hydropower Station appeared at CCTV "Da Mei Qinghai · Ecological Tour Rivers",It fully demonstrates the model position of Malm's Hydropower Station in the construction of sustainable development projects,It is also a praise of the builders,This will also inspire the builders to continue to firmly establish and practice the concept of "green mountains and green mountains are the golden mountains and silver mountains",Further cultivate new productive forces,Continuously add high -quality development green background,Injecting inexhaustible motivation for the beautiful China construction that comprehensively promotes the harmonious coexistence of people and nature。

Malm Blocking Hydropower Station is fully put into production and power generation,Average annual power generation 7.304 billion kWh,Each year can save 2.56 million tons of standard coal,Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8.16 million tons,Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8.16 million tons,Construction of Qinghai Clean Energy Industry Highlands,Realizing the "3060" dual carbon target has far -reaching significance。

Reporter's Notes

Malzh is a place full of energy。One year ago,The first set foot on this land,It was infected by this group of people。Looking through the mountains,Cross -plain,Highland hypoxia cold,Each one makes people tremble。But the builder here,What about them? They are not afraid,Running life blooms here,The state of spirit shaking makes people feel touched。

I ask them if they feel tired? The answers obtained are negative。I saw vitality on them,It seems to have endless energy。"Looking at the dam rising a little,Extremely happy and excitement,No matter how much bitter I ate before,How much tired can you swallow,All this is worth it "。

November 14, 2023,Mal's Hydropower Station successfully realizes the lower gate storage,I am fortunate to step into this land again。See them again,More enthusiastic,Excited,Just like they said, "Look at the smooth down the gate to store water,Brothers have disappeared for so many years of tiredness and bitterness,... "Say it,I can't help choking。Yes,The builders of the three innings of hydropower have taken root here for 11 years,The calendar of these 11 years of experience is in sight,At this moment,No matter what is turned into excited tears, leave。They will continue to Bet on today's European Cup resultsfight here,I will continue to swallow sweat here,Dedication Youth。

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