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2024 The World Environment Daily Daily Hydropower Industry Fish Proliferation Flowing Combined Combined Operations officially launched

Release Date: 2024-06-05 UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingSource of Information: News Center、Planning General Institute、Electricity Construction Hydropower Development Company Author: Ni Yuanjing Font size: [ Big Middle small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

At the time of the 53rd World Environment,June 5,Directed by the Ministry of Ecology and Environment and the National Energy Administration,The "2024 World Environment Daily Hydropower Industry Fish Proliferation Flowing Co -joint" jointly sponsored by the General Institute of Hydropower and Water Resources Planning and Design and China Hydropower Engineering Society was officially launched,There will be 84 types during action,Total 16.72 million fish fry was released scientifically。

The theme of this event is "Protecting Biological Diversity,Comprehensively promote the construction of beautiful China ",Follow the law in accordance with laws and regulations、Scientific release principles,In Jinsha River、Yazhenjiang、Dadu River Basin and other major hydropower bases,Continuous development of joint proliferation and release operations。

At the construction site of the project construction UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingof the Bara Water Power Station at the China Electric Power Construction Branch,Approve the approval of the Agricultural and Rural Agency in Sichuan Province,This time the flowing Sichuan Shaanxi Luo salmon、齐 腹、heavy mouth cracked fish、Dadu soft thorns naked cracks 4 fish species of more than 31 tail fish fry。Event other time period,It will be by Angu Hydropower Station、Shawan Hydropower Station and other 10 hydropower stations to carry out proliferation and release activities,Cumulative release of about 4.5 million fish fry。As of now,China Electricity Construction 2024 Voltage Flemented Flow of Sichuan Shaanzhe Lu、Bluestone climbing、Yellowstone climb、Carmine、Yuankou copper fish、Rare fish and other rare fish such as heavy mouth bales,Restore the River Ecology、Protecting biological diversity has played an important role。

This joint operation has set up a total of Huangdeng Dahua Bridge Power Plant、Pavilion Water Conservancy Hub、Constructing Picania Power Station、Jishi Gorge Hydropower Station、Xiangjiaba Hydropower The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupStation、Shuangjiangkou Hydropower Station、Erdan Hydropower Station、Eight branch venues at Bala Water Power Station,A total of 75 water power stations participated in this release activity。Flow of about 5.59 million flow on the day of the event,Plan to release about 11.13 million tails in other times,Total about 16.72 million tail,Including 3 national first -level protection fish、20 national second -level protection fish、43 types of basin -specific fish、18 important economic fish,For restoring rare special fish resources、Protect the diversity of aquatic creatures、Deepening the public's understanding of the environmental protection work of hydropower engineering is of great significance。Each branch field combines the characteristics of the basin and local conditions,Organization employees、Volunteers and relevant local competent authorities have jointly carried out proliferative release and related popular science activities。

Relying on the construction of the Bala Hydropower Station,China Electricity Construction Bet on today's European Cup resultshas taken the lead in carrying out the study of artificial domestication and reproduction of Sichuan -Shaanxi Luo salmon,Through the unremitting efforts of the past two decades, it was successful in the Sichuan -Shaanxi Zheluo Salmon in May 2024,The technical achievements have reached the international leading level,To achieve species protection and population resource recovery、Maintenance of aquatic biological diversity is important。

A total of more than 2,000 representatives from China Electricity Construction and other relevant units participating in the opening ceremony and release activities in the form of "on -site+cloud interaction"。

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