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Bet on today's European Cup resultsA company's "Star Fire" volunteer service team went to Kangxian Primary School in Jishi Mountain to carry out volunteer service activities

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On the occasion of the 74th "June 1" International Children's Day,May 31,The "Star Fire" volunteer service team of the first engineering company goes to Kangxing Primary School in Jishishan County, Gansu to carry out the volunteer service activity of "building dreams with love",Actively practice the spirit of the "Star Fire" Volunteer Service Team of Hydropower Third Bureau,Promote the construction of the "Star Fire" volunteer service brand in the three innings of the water and electricity in the "Star Fire" volunteer service brand with actual actions。

The event kicks off in the solemn national anthem,President of Kangxuan Primary School Ma Shaoming expressed heartfelt welcome and thanks for the three companies and teams of the Hydropower and Electricity The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupBureau,He pointed out,After a magnitude 6.2 earthquake in Jishi Mountain County, Gansu Province in December 2023,Hydropower Third Bureau One Company heard the news and moves,The first time I transported a love -cold clothes for the school,This time, the three bureau of hydropower and one company returned to the school to condolences more than 300 students,Demonstrate the responsibility and responsibility of the central enterprise。Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of a Company、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Chairman of the Trade Union Jiang Liangquan delivered a speech at the event site,He extended a good blessing of festivals to the students,and said that it will further strengthen the communication and cooperation with Kangxian Elementary School,Continue to carry forward the "dedication、Friendship "volunteer service spirit,With a stronger sense of responsibility and mission, contribute to the healthy growth of students。

In the event,UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingThe student representatives of Kangxuan Elementary School wearing a red scarf for members of the "Star Fire" volunteer service team of the three innings of the hydropower。President Ma Shaoming awarded "True Love Donation Love Unlimited" Banner,He said,The school will live up to friendly moves from all walks of life,Chongde is the best、Careful Education,To cultivate more social pillars to give back to society。Subsequent,Volunteer service team members distributed pencils for students、Watercolor pen、Notes and other learning stationery and basketball、Football、Badminton and other sports products。

After the donation event is over,"Star Fire" volunteer service team installed air -conditioning fan for the classroom。Jiang Liangquan exchanged and shared with students around the history of hydropower and construction projects,I earnestly order students to actively overcome difficulties、Diligence Learning,Establishing a big ideal from a small child,The glory mission UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingto read the great rejuvenation to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation,Change destiny with excellent academic performance,Efforts to become the talents of the national construction。

The "Star Fire" Volunteer Service Team of the First Engineering Company will continue to work hard,Pass positive energy with actual action、Passing love,Efforts to make the three "Star Fire" brands screaming、Keep standing、Affective youth volunteer service brand,Contribute "Star Fire" for the company to achieve high -quality development。

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