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Dragon Boat Festival · Inheritance

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"May 5,is Duanyang; eat rice dumplings,Hanging sachets;,Xiangman Church; Dragon Boat Laingles Water Hi Yangyang。"A ballad of a song sang several customs in the Dragon Boat Festival。

Steamed Cake,Fried oil cake,Bao Zongzi,It is the food that parents will always cook during the Dragon Boat Festival。Sweet 甑 cake、Zongzi、Oil cake is the favorite of children,That should be a child within a year, except for the most expected days of the Spring Festival。

Similarly,Mom will hang wormwood on the door every year according to traditional customs,Herbal Herbal Representative Recruitment,It is a kind of herbs that can be cured,Insert at the door,Can make your body healthy,It is also a good wish for people。

When we were young, we also had a favorite accessory,That is the sac,Some Chinese herbal medicines are usually filled in the sachet,There is a fragrance、Demoded、Avoiding Plague、Efficacy of disease prevention,Small and exquisite, exquisite and considerable,Wear it on the child,How beautiful is a person who mention it alone。There are also places to borne five -color ribbon,It is also a good blessing for children's health。

Grow up slowly with age,We seem to be more enthusiastic about what we are interested in these children,Add people's pursuit of healthy diet,Sweet foods are getting less and less,There are fewer to do it by yourself,Bet on today's European Cup resultsBut the dining table on the Dragon Boat Festival every year is certainly indispensable,Although the number is less。Mom still hangs wormwood on the door as usual,Following traditional customs,Hang this symbolic wormwood for a family,Keeping a beautiful wish。

About Dragon Boat Festival,I also heard such a story。It is said that,Chu Guo City was broken after being broken by the Qin Army,Qu Yuan feels unable to return to heaven,Heart is like a knife cut,Wan Nian Dan,On the fifth day of May,Write a pen to write down the desperate poem "Huaisha",Then hold a large bluestone,Jump into the Luo River,River water turning,Relentless devouring this great patriotic poet。The people of Chu State heard,Sadness,Spontaneous coming to the river to rivers with Hangyuan,Fishermen row the river to search for Qu Yuan's remains,Hope to salvage,Let him enter the soil。But I can't search for it。At this time, a fisherman will get eggs,rice balls and other foods are invested in Jiangzhong,People ask the reason,He explained: "Use these rice balls to feed the fish in the river,The fish are full,I won't bite Master Qu Yuan。"People suddenly realize,Effective imitation,An old Chinese medicine European Cup Reliable Betting Platformmedicine also brought a altar maxional rice wine,Said the dragon and water beast in the river in the river,Learn that they bite Qu Yuan。Later, people were worried that the rice ball would spread in the river,Use reed leaves to wrap the rice ball up and put it into Jiangzhong,So slowly evolved into today's rice dumplings。This custom continues,Every time to Dragon Boat Festival,People drink male rice wine,Eat rice dumplings。To commemorate Qu Yuan, the great patriotic poet。Although the authenticity of the story is difficult to distinguish,But after all, it can be regarded as a beautiful wish and expectation of people。

The ancient traditional festivals such as the Dragon Boat Festival and the Spring Festival,Is a collection of blessings to eliminate disasters、Celebration of entertainment and diet is a folk festival,Contains the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation。In thousands of years of hard work,Dragon Boat Festival has formed a variety of cultural customs。These Dragon Boat Festival customs clearly record the rich and colorful social life cultural content of the Chinese nation,Also keeps people's good wishes and expectations。Dragon Boat Festival as an important part of Chinese Bet on today's European Cup resultstraditional culture,Its meaning is not limited to commemorating Qu Yuan,It is the inheritance and promotion of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation and the pursuit of people's pursuit of good life and unity and mutual assistance。In contemporary society,The celebration of the Dragon Boat Festival has also embarked on a variety of and modern roads。

We also use this festival,Call out,Call a family who is not around,Report a safe,Let the heart that cares about us comfort,Let's protect us together,Praying together。Tell the child about the story of the Dragon Boat Festival,Also take advantage of the festival,Take the child to participate in the Dragon Boat Festival,Bao Zongzi、Hanging wormwood、Belt ribbon、Pecca sac、Dragon Boat Race ...,Start in it,Further perception,Guardian and inheritance of traditional culture,Commonly add color to a better life。

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