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Huazhong Company held the "Safety Production Month" launching ceremony

Release Date: 2024-06-03 Information Source: Huazhong Company Author: Chen Manman Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

June this year is the 23rd "Safety Production Month"。May 31,Huazhong Company "Safety Production Month" and "Special Safety Production Rectification of Special Safety Production" and "Three -year Action of Special Safety Production" in the theme of "Everyone Talking about Safety and Emergency Life Channel" The project manager department of the central ward building is held。

Construction Unit Dengfeng City General Hospital Project Representative Ding Jemo、Liu Wei, deputy general manager of the supervision unit Henan Shengyu Engineering Management Co., Ltd.、Hou Linwu, Director of Zhongyue Street Dust Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingOffice、Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Huazhong Company, Huazhong Third Bureau of Hydropower、Executive General Manager Xue Feng,Deputy General Manager and Director of Security Wang Yaning,Deputy General Manager and General Economic Division Gao Yong attended the event,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Huazhong Company、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission、Chairman of the Trade Union Jin Yanbing Host。

At the launching ceremony,Wang Yaning convey "Huazhong Company 2024" Safety Production Month "activity plan,Gao Yong conveyed the "Implementation Plan for the Three -Year Action of the Safety Production and Governance of Huazhong Company",and arrange the relevant requirements of the two activities。Ding Jiechi made a mobilization speech,and said that it is necessary to use special UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettinginvestigation and rectification of hidden dangers of major accidents,Pay close attention to the on -site hidden dangers investigation and management,Pay close attention to employees' safety ideological education,Putting all the tasks into the implementation,Make sure the activity achieves results。

Xue Feng emphasized,First, we must fully understand the significance of carrying out the "Safety Production Month" activity; the second is to seize the timing,Comprehensive and in -depth promotion of special rectification; the third is to mobilize employees to participate extensively,solidly do a good job of safe production of safety production; fourth, to increase publicity and education,Comprehensively create a strong atmosphere of "Everyone talks about safety and emergency"; fifth is to strengthen leadership,Pay attention to implementation,Seeking effectiveness。

Liu Ming, Executive Manager of the Dengfeng Project, made a statement,It means a high sense of responsibility and mission,Comprehensively strengthen production safety,Maximum safety hazards,Prevent accidents。

Event last,Sign on the background board in the order of the queue,Visit the safety production monthly exhibition board and observe the construction site。

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