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The project department of the western Guangdong and the local government jointly carried out the "growth under the sun,Happy Flying in Happy "Six One Six Symposium

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On the eve of the "June 1" International Children's Day in 2024,Four Company Guangdong Project Department cooperated with the local government to carry out the "growth under the sun,Flying in Happiness "Liuyi International Children's Day condolences,The joy and warmth of the festival gave the children。

At the event,The project department carefully prepared a schoolbag for 10 local children、Cake and learning utensils and other gifts。These gifts not only add children's material needs,UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingIt also conveys the expectations and encouragement of all sectors of society for their growth。Activity site,The children's face is filled with a happy smile,Their vision and expectations of the future in their eyes。

Through this activity,Children not only feel the joy of the festival,More hard to learn in the heart of the heart、Positive seeds,At the same time,This event also shows the close cooperation between the project department of the western Guangdong project and the good relationship with the local government,The project department looks forward to more social forces to pay attention to children's growth and European Cup Reliable Betting Platformeducation,Provide more support and help for their future development。

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