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Mountain color in the rain

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Strolling in a mountain with a strong loess,A pouring rain and rain will come without expectations。Smoke and rain permeated,Aluck mountain like light yarn,Make it a touch of mysterious color,It seems like a boiling air bubble roll on the ground,Flying dust instantly condenses into brown mud。

Start in it,The road ahead is so far away,Desire and not to arrive at the trend,Ren Renpot knock。Urgent return road,Let the mood feel the rain and rush。

Fair rain,such as Wanma Pentium,Fierce knocking on the peak,Countless water splashes。Water vapor diffuse,Like clouds and mist,It seems to be in a fairyland。

The beauty European Cup Reliable Betting Platformin this rain and the fog of Wonderland make the return path slow,It was a shocked scenery for a moment.,Become the focus in the rain。This is the first rain after the beginning of the summer,On the mountain in the salt water ditch,Although the construction period is very tight,Although all the participants are in the rush period of work and night,Although there is a green shape in the saltwater ditch,We can't have any slackness,We must continue to complete the remaining construction tasks,Perform the green concept and construction to the end,completely changing her old face。Show beauty to the place,Show green to the people。Everything in front of this moment is the most beautiful。

The grass and trees in the mountains are swaying in the rain,It seems to cheer the arrival of the rain。The leaves are covered with UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingcrystal clear water droplets,Like a pearl,The weak light shining。

The mountains in the distance are under the cover of smoke and rain,Loving is looming,It looks like an ink painting roll。That hazy beauty,Make people intoxicated,Forgot the noise of the live machinery and the noise of human voice。

I stand quietly in the rain,Feel the charm of nature。Rainwater hit the face,Bring a bit of coolness,But it also made my mood release。At this moment,I seem to be integrated with nature,Feeling its breathing and pulse。There is also the end point of return in front of us. Our camp area,Gorgeous Wash,Clear color,Let the breath of smoke rain surround,I finally reached the end of the itinerary,Looking forward to modern elements not far ahead,Classic of humanities,This is the bright color of construction,UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingMy mood is very comfortable,also very happy。

I love the mountain color in this rain,It makes me feel the greatness and magic of nature。I love the team that adds color to this mountain color,Added green power to her。In this hustle and bustle,Can have such a quiet and modern world,How precious is it。

Let us cherish this natural gift,Humanities' care is as grand and stunning as the blueprint she built,Protect this beautiful scenery,Let her stay in our hearts forever。

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