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Zhuxi County Eping Water Tuning Project TBM Project "Wuling" TBM is offline in Luoyang

Release Date: 2024-06-03 Information Source: Manufacturing and Installation Company Author: Jia Zhaonan Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

On the morning of June 2,The "Wuling" TBM developed by the three innings of hydropower and China Railway Equipment is smoothly offline in Luoyang, Henan。

Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Zhuxi County People's Congress、Executive Deputy Commander of the Embo Ping Water Tuning Engineering Headquarters Peng Zhiqiang,Zhuxi Runyuan Water Construction Investment Co., Ltd. Party branch secretary、Chairman Fu Chongguo,Liu Li, Director of the Equipment Department of Hydropower Third Bureau,Manufacturing and Installation Company Secretary of the Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingParty Committee、General Manager Meng Liang,Wang Junlong and other relevant units of China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., Ltd. attended this offline ceremony。

The dual shield TBM of this station will be used for the construction mission of about 9.6 kilometers of the construction bid for the water system of the North and South Water System of Zhuxi County (Eping Water Tune) Project.,Tunnel longitudinal slope ratio 1: 10000,The maximum excavation diameter 4.03m,Design as a holeless hole。

The Water Tuning Project of Zhuxi County is a key water conservancy project in the province approved by the Hubei Provincial Development and Reform Commission,It is also a major people's livelihood project and ecological engineering in Zhuxi County。This project is connected to the Zhuxi River in the middle of Zhuxi with the Zhuxi River in the north,After the Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingproject is completed,It will solve the problem of water deficiency in the Dragon River Basin,Relieve the demand for production and living water and ecological water in the county and the surrounding towns,Improve the quality of the water environment of the Dragon River,Help the ecological governance of Zhuxi River Water,Improve urban taste,Improve the quality of life and satisfaction of Zhuxi people,It has important practical significance。

The smooth offline of the "Wuling" TBM,It is an important milestone in the Water Tuning Project of Eping,It marks that construction will officially enter the speed up、Increased quality、Effective stage。All employees of the project department will continue to play "self -improvement、The spirit of the corporate spirit of the courage to surpass,Adhering to "High Standard、Strict Bet on today's European Cup resultsrequirements "construction concept,With strong construction strength、Excellent service style,Setting up the construction task of the construction of the water transfer project of Zhuxi County,Construction of the Entong water transfer project into a demonstration project,To build a great project、Realize the dedication of benefiting the people and the people。

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