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Manufacturing and Installation Company TBM Practitioner English Training Course Open in the Tianshui Project

Release Date: 2024-06-03 Information Source: Manufacturing and Installation Company Author: Yan Kai Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

To make TBM practitioners better work overseas,May 31,Manufacturing and Installation Company TBM Practitioner English Training Course Open in Tianshui Quxi TBM Project Department,Member of the project team、All departments、The training staff of each construction team and the English training teacher attended the opening ceremony。

At the opening ceremony, European Cup Reliable Betting Platformthe background and purpose of this English training activity,I read the training implementation plan。This training is to respond to the company's continuous strengthening of the construction of talent teams,better support the actual action of overseas business to become bigger and stronger,It is also a specific measure for promoting personal development and comprehensive capabilities of employees。Emphasis on training,Everyone should raise understanding,In the new situation, there must be new responsibilities、New as a,Emphasize,While mastering TBM construction technology, we must expand foreign language learning,Master the basic communication language of foreign language; European Cup Reliable Betting Platformat the same time,To establish confidence,Keep curiosity,Make every effort to improve the level of foreign language in short -term training; in addition, the trainers must maintain a good learning atmosphere and discipline,Strengthen self -management,Make sure training quality。

With the continuous development of the company's TBM sector business,TBM construction has begun to start to the international market,This is both the embodiment of the influence of the TBM brand construction,It is also an excellent result of market expansion in the field of TBM construction。This training is 30 days,About 20 TBM professionals participate in training,Training content is mainly from the basic language UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingof construction, production and life communication、TBM construction professional noun and terms and TBM construction forms fill in lecture training。

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