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Shaanxi Investment Group to Zhen'an Water Paper Storage Power Station Watch and Exchange

Release Date: 2024-06-03 Source of information: a company Author: Zhao Jianguo Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

A few days ago,Shaanxi Investment Group Company、Shaanxi Hydropower Company、Ferping Project Company and Shangluo Branch, etc., go to Zhen'an Water Package Power Station to observe and communicate,European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformDeputy Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingGeneral Manager of Hydropower Third Bureau Yang Hongbo,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of a Company、Executive General Manager Yang Dehou and others accompanied。

Observation group visited Shangku Dam、Underground plant、Xiaku Dam, etc.,Project leaders around the construction of water storage power stations、Equipment operation and maintenance、Application of Management Experience and Innovation Technology、New energy consumption and other aspects explained,Observation Group has given a high evaluation of the three innings of hydropower in terms of quality control and project management。

During the observation period,Observation Bet on today's European Cup resultsTroupe and Shaanxi Zhen'an Pumping The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupStorage Co., Ltd. and various participating units around the engineering construction progress image、Basic situation of engineering construction、Upgrade of the energy industry cooperation、The development and construction of pumping energy storage power stations to develop discussions and exchanges。  

This observation and exchanges are learned from various parties to strengthen industry experience、Promoting advantages complement、Promoting friendly cooperation is important。Water and Electricity Third Bureau will adhere to "promoting win -win with cooperation、Development ideas with exchanges and improvement,European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformIn project management、Technology European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformInnovation、Deepen communication,Continue to improve the influence of the company in the field of pumping storage,Consolidate the company's high -quality development foundation。

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