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Baoji Water Factory Project Carry out Severing Emergency Exercises

Release Date: 2024-06-28 Information Source: Basic Construction Company Author: Wu Boyan Photography: Cui Yun Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Summer Summer,The heat wave rolls,To ensure physical health,Improve emergency response to high temperature and heat stroke accidents,On the morning of June European Cup Reliable Betting Platform26,The Urban and Rural Water Supplying Project (Phase I) Project Department of Baoji City, the project department of Baoji City Development Group Co., Ltd.,Baoji Water Investment Development Co., Ltd. attended the event。

This exercise simulates the workers fainted during the job,After discovering the on -site workers,Immediately notified the team leader,The team leader quickly launched an emergency plan after receiving the danger,The rescue and rescue team immediately rushed to the event position,Solve the heat stroke personnel to a safe zone,Artificial physical cooling、Feed emergency treatment of heatstroke prevention UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingdrugs,On -site heat stroke personnel gradually restore consciousness,Dispertation,and notify the ambulance to be sent to the whole process of treatment of the nearest hospital for treatment。The person in charge of the accident investigation team investigated and analyzed the cause of the construction staff's heat stroke,and put forward comments on preventive measures to prevent stroke in the future work。

The successful holding of this exercise,Makes all the members of the emergency rescue process and emergency measures of high temperature and heat stroke accidents,Make sure to carry out rescue work quickly and effectively when high temperature and heat stroke accidents occur,Enhance European Cup Reliable Betting Platformeveryone’s awareness of security precautions and the ability to fight against emergencies,Improving the ability to respond to emergencies in the project。

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