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A company carried out the "Golden Autumn Aid" donation activity in 2024

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Sheep Song Project

Hermish seedlings、A spring light、Help a student、Win a hope。 June 25,The Yangqu project department organized the 2024 "Golden Autumn Aid" donation activity,Further promotes mutual assistance to mutual love and love Chinese traditional virtue,Practice state -owned Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingenterprise responsibility、Give back social care。

Donation ceremony,Chairman of the Trade Union Ma Haisheng introduced the relevant situation of Golden Autumn School in 2023,Mobilize the majority of employees to actively participate in donations,Help students in difficult students to make dreams in the future。Secretary of the Party Branch、Project Manager Zhao Guicheng on behalf of the project department to express congratulations to the children of the difficult employee in the gold list title, and students who want to be funded to seize the opportunity、It is not upset Shaohua,To achieve the comprehensive development of morality, intellectual, physical, and labor,Release youth passion in the struggle、Chasing the dream of youth,I am youth、Struggle,Pay the road for national rejuvenation,Add bricks to the construction of the motherland。

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(Liu Yanhong Report/Photography)

Nanyang Project

For the help of employees for further difficult workers,Help to solve difficult problems of employees and children in difficulties and employment difficulties。June 20,Nanyang Medical Hall Cultural Park project carried out "Golden Autumn Aid" love donation activities。

In the event,Chairman of the Trade Union of the General Contracting Department Liu Yi introduced the service object of the Golden Autumn Aid Activity、Standards for File File、Activities for the content of the event and what The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupmaterials need to be provided by applying for Golden Autumn Aid,and patiently answer your questions。Secretary of the Party Branch、Project Manager Han Gang will make a call to everyone,Mobilize comrades to donate actively,Contribute to employees in family difficulties to contribute a thin force,Project employees responded one after another,Stretching the hand of assistance,fully demonstrated the relationship between employees、Help each other good style。          

(Zhong Jie Report/Photography Zhou Chen)

Tongde Project

Donate the true love of the world,Standard Yongming Heart。June 25,Tongde Pumping Power Power Station's preliminary engineering project department organized project employees to carry out "Golden Autumn Aid" donation activities。

Donation activities start,Project leaders to make a call to employees,Mobilize the majority of employees to actively participate in donation activities,Make your own love for employees in difficulties。Donation activities,Everyone has generously unpubiated,Stretching the hand of assistance,Donithful to the students of the students,For the children of the difficult workers, they have successfully completed their studies to a thin force。

"Golden Autumn Aid" activity development,Not only reflects the care of the union's care for difficult workers,It also reflects the employees of the three innings "Gift Rose,The good quality of the hands with incense UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Betting",Help employees in need solve the child's school problem,Let the employees of difficulties feel the warmth of the company like "home"。

(Report of Xinzhen Zhen/Photography)

Zhen'an Project

Golden Autumn Starting Season,When the love gathers。To actively respond to the company's union spirit,Help students with difficult students to complete their studies,June 26,Zhen'an Project Organization launches "Golden Autumn Aid" donation activities,Member of the leadership team of the Zhen'an project、All departments of the project department、The main managers of the work zone participated。

In the event,Secretary of the Party branch of the project、Project Manager Wu Shengli, the first 范,Invest your own "love" into the fundraising box,Other party members and cadres and project employees at all levels also actively participate in it,Dedicated their own "love",For the Dream of Dreams for Dreams, helping myself。

By carrying out the "Golden Autumn Aid" donation activity,Fully demonstrated the employees and the masses to help each other and love each other,The noble moral sentiments of helping the crisis and the good spiritual style,More enthusiasm for employees to bear social responsibility。

(Zhao Jianguo report/photography)

Mal block project

June 25,A company Mal blocked the project department to organize the "Golden Autumn Student" donation activity,All employees of the project department Bet on today's European Cup resultsparticipated in the event。

Before the start of the event,Secretary of the Party Branch、Project manager Bao Xiangjun fully understands the meaning of helping the trapped school and aid,Effectively enhance the sense of responsibility、Mission feel,Actively exploring new ways to school aid activities、New measures、New method and other aspects made a speech,and issue an initiative on this donation,Members of the project team take the lead in donation,All employees of the project actively participate,Practicing central enterprises with actual actions。

In recent years,Under the call of a company party committee and trade union,The Mal block project actively organizes the "Golden Autumn Aid" activity,Constantly innovate the carrier of school assistance,Rich Student Form,Efforts to solve difficult workers and migrant workers' children in school difficulty、Difficulty of employment。At the same time,Carry out assistance and employment assistance activities in multiple forms of local forms,It has been affirmed and praised by the local government。

(Reported by Han Jianwei/Photography)

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