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【Party Discipline Learning Education】 Survey and Design and Research Institute launched a warning education theme party day activity

Release Date: 2024-06-28 Information Source: Design Research Institute Author: Zhu Yunhua Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

For the solid promotion of party discipline learning and education, deep and practical,June 26,The First Party Branch of the Investigation and Design and Research Institute organized party members to go to the Lianhu Linghu Integrity Cultural theme Park、Xi'an Warning Education Base to carry out "Soul Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting-Casting the Soul and the Party  Dowager to build a new skill "theme party day event。Secretary of the Party Committee of Design and Research Institute、Dean Confucian Strait Participation Activity。

The theme of "Seeing Lian Lian · Qingfeng Lian Yun" as the theme,Including four clean theme cultural areas and a red memory theme exhibition hall,History culture、Organic integration of red culture and integrity culture,Taking "Lotus" and "Lian" as the line,Through a small radish head、Sculpture such as the first heart stone,Let party members and cadres receive deep integrity baptism in the cultural and artistic atmosphere,Building a solid defense line for refusing corruption and degeneration。

Warning Education Base in Xi'an,Under the Bet on today's European Cup resultsleadership of the interpreter,The party members watched the documentary "Lito",Visit "Provincial、Heart、Law、Commandment、儆、Light、rate、Entry、Nuo "and other nine major sections。Every time you go,Everyone listens carefully,Think carefully。Receive party history education in the presence of the body、Disciplinary Education、Warning education、Integrity education,Enhanced political determination in the baptism of the soul、Disciplinary Defining、Morality、Resisting the decision。

Event last,All party members revisit the party's oath in front of the party flag,Make a solemn oath。One after another said that we must further strengthen the ideals and beliefs,I will unwilling to take party spirit as a must -have European Cup Reliable Betting Platformfor life,To be a long -awaited bell,Consciously resisting temptation,Further enhanced the consciousness of law and discipline,Tree's "bottom line" thinking,Make the word "Lian" at all times in my heart,Effective learning、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji。

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