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[Prose] To Mother

Release Date: 2024-06-28 Information Source: Basic Construction Company Euro 2024 Live Match Results BettingAuthor: Wang Rui Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

evening,Writing homework with my son,This book "I and Earth" gift from the union,The words of the author described my mother in the lowest period of life, which deeply touched me- "After the legs were paralyzed,My temper becomes furious。Looking at the geese array north outside the window,I will suddenly smash the glass in front of me; listen to Li Guyi's sweet singing,I will fell the things on my surrounding wall。Mother will quietly hide at this time,Secretly listening to my movement in the place where I can't see。When everything returns to silence,She came in quietly,red eyes,Look at me。‘I heard that the flowers in the North Sea are all blooming,I push you to walk around。’She always said that。Mother likes flowers,Can I have been paralyzed after my legs,The flowers she played all died。‘No,I won't go! ‘I beat these two hateful legs,Shout,‘What do I live! ’Mother rushed over to grab my hand,Hold back European Cup Reliable Betting Platformthe cry and say, ‘Our mother is one by one,Good live,Her good life ... "" Seeing here I tears,This is the mother,A mothers who are scared and uncomfortable ...

Fortunately,I have two mothers of different identities,One is the ordinary and extraordinary mother who raised me at the cost of life at the price of life,One is to use my all my emotional relay to protect my comprehensive warm and powerful mother -in -law mother,Some they have always felt like a child! Zhang Ailing said, "Moms have a common problem,As long as you say what kind of dish is delicious,They will cook that dish frequently,Until you are bored to complain。Actually her life,I am desperately trying you to give you good,Give you all,It's just at a loss。"Do you feel the same as me at this moment? Now I work in the three innings of hydropower,Due to the nature of the work,My mother deeply feels great,Many mothers not only have to take care of the responsibility of fulfilling their father,They support their own little home,The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupAlso because of them, they have achieved the three innings of the Hydropower.,This makes me respect the "mother" even more!

Later, I also became a mother,When you know that you are about to become a mother,There is an unspeakable emotion in my heart,Every fetal movement is a wonderful interaction,Let me really feel the miracle of life,I also felt the power of mother love,Children in their arms,Have mysterious power,The unconditional love will help the mother open the subconscious of the cellar。From this moment,I seem to understand my mother more! certainly,Also until I became my mother,Only the connotation of the word "mother" has a deeper and specific understanding。Teach children to walk and walk,Eating and dressing,The child is a bit bigger,Teach some of the principles of life。The heavy tasks of life and education are all pressed on the mother。Because she is the most loved by us in this world,Working day and night without complaints and regrets,Give all but UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingbe as sweet as。Only "Mom" is also the title,Let the mother choose to use tenderness as power,Fatant to get immature,Convergence all edge。All say "Women's weakness,It's just a mother "! Yes,The word "mother",Just calling is also choking,moving heartstrings。

Your world is very big,I can install a lot of people,Her world is very small,You are full of you,It is her to persuade you to go through,I hope you will go home! On the journey of life,The depth and breadth of life given by the mother,No philosophical book is more full -time than her。Maternal love has nothing to report,What is the need for life! May all mothers in the world healthy,Smile like flowers!

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