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[Prose] Summer prelude

Release Date: 2024-06-28 Information Source: One Company Author: Ye Yanxiang Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Summer,Is a enthusiastic prelude,It uses hot sun and rich colors,Draw a vibrant scroll。Whenever the gentleness of the spring day is drifting away,Summer steps on light steps,Quietly arrive。

Morning in the early summer,Sunshine through fog,Spread on the quiet street,Put a The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cuplayer of golden gauze for the earth。The fresh flower fragrance and the freshness of the flowers are permeated in the air,This is the unique taste of summer,It is refreshing。With the rise of the sun,The temperature gradually rises,The trees and flowers on the street appear more green and bright under the sun。

Afternoon,The sun is hot and dazzling,But people have not retreated for this。The ice cream on the street is full of children,They hold a sweet wheel,Face is filled with satisfaction and happiness。Park in a bench,The old people shake the fan,Talk to the sky at ease,Enjoy this rare leisure time。By the pond,Lotus bloom,Dragonfly Flying,A vibrant scene。

Summer night,Don't have a flavor。Moonlight like water,Sprinkled in the quiet countryside,The rice fields in the distance are glowing with silver wave light under the moonlight。Breeze blowing through the breeze,Bring a burst of coolness,It also brought the fragrance of rice fields。At this time,Under the big tree of the village head,People sit around,Talking about home frequency,Enjoy this rare tranquility and coolness。

But,Summer is also a rainy season。Sometimes,There will be a heavy Wuyun in the sky,Then it is pouring heavy rain。But this rain comes quickly,Soon after,The sun will show a smiley face。The air after the rain is Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingparticularly fresh,Plants and trees also look more green。

Summer beauty,lies in its enthusiasm and unrestrained,Also in its tranquility and coolness。It is a prelude full of vitality and vitality,Bring us endless happiness and beauty。Let's cherish every summer time,Feel this unique season charm。

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