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Dear new employee friends:

Hello everyone! Midsummer has arrived,Beautiful as scheduled。This is the ending of the parting,It is also the opening of the encounter。First expressed congratulations to your successful completion of your studies,And expressed a warm welcome to you who are about to become a large family of hydropower innings! To ensure the smooth implementation of employment reporting and training,The relevant matters will be notified as follows,Please read it carefully and prepare according to the company's registration requirements:

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(1) Reporting time: July 14, 2024 (Sunday) 09: 00-16: 00

(2) Reporting location: The Most Accurate Football Predict Website for the European Cup Headquarters

(3) Report Address: No. 4069, Shibo Avenue, Xie Bet on today's European Cup resultsDistrict, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province

European Cup Reliable Betting Platform

(4) Transportation method:

1. Xi'an North Station: After lowering the high -speed rail,Take Metro Line 14 (He Shao) to Shuangzhai Metro Station at Xi'an North Station Metro Station,Transfer to Metro Line 3 (Yuhua Village) to Xianghu Bay Metro Station,B2 Exit Station,Walking 900 meters to the company's headquarters。The whole journey is about 52 minutes。

2. Xi'an Xianyang International Airport: After getting off the luggage,Take Line 14 (He Shao) to Shuangzhai Metro Station at the West (T1/T2/T3) of the airport,Transfer to Metro Line 3 (Yuhua Village) to Xianghu Bay Metro Station,B2 Exit Station,Walking 900 meters to the company's headquarters。The whole journey is about 1 hour 41 minutes。

3. Xi'an Railway Station: After leaving the train station,Take Line 4 (Aerospace New City) from Xi'an Station Metro Station to Wulin Metro Station,Transfer to Line 1 (direction of textile city) to Tonghuamen Metro Station,Transfer to Line 3 (Bonded Area) to Xianghu Bay Metro Station,B2 Exit Station,Walking 900 meters to the company's headquarters。The whole journey is about 49 minutes。

4. For other travel methods or routes, please refer to the map search.

2. Reporting preparation

(1) Materials should be carried on the site

1. Graduation certificate、Original degree certificate: Report on the spot for inspection。

2. Personal archives: Personnel files will be passed by the school archives management department after the graduates leave the school,The file mailing address filled in by the employment agreement is directly mailing (archives transfer address: No. 4069 Hydropower Department of Hydropower No. 4069, Hydropower Avenue, Xi'an City, Shaanxi Province,Postcode: (710024)。Some graduates are reported by their own archives,Please keep the original seal state of the file,Do not seal without authorization,Transfer to the company at the registration site。

​​3. The original health checkup report issued by the county -level and above medical examination institutions,And the hospital clearly explicit diagnostic UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingresults report。The main medical examination items are: blood conventional、Urine routine、Liver function、kidney function、Emptor blood glucose、ECG、Belly color Doppler ultrasound liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreatic kidney、chest X -ray, etc. Entry -employed routine inspection items。

Please prepare the above information and keep it properly for new employees and keep it properly,It is convenient to take it with you when registering,Report on the 2nd floor of the headquarters building to check or transfer。

(2) Other required information

1. ID card、Graduation Certificate、Degree Certificate Scan: Format Requirements (1) Graduation Certificate、The degree certificate must be a colorful picture file in the horizontal format,The size does not exceed 1m,The content is clearly visible;。Ruding: University Bulletin Graduation Certificate_ Name; Master's Graduate Degree Certificate _ Name; (3) Acting on the front and back of the ID card to one page。

2. A copy of the original diploma and the degree certificate: 1.

3. I have a recent two -inch red or blue bottom -free Crown Paradox.,Resolution 626px*413px,The format is JPG or JPEG; (2) The uniform name format of the electronic version of the photo is: ID number _ name,For example: 622421199007208942_Pame。

4. The "Medical Inspection Report" scanned by the medical examination institution issued by the county level and above: only need to scan the comprehensive report part,Unified name: Name-ID number。

Please prepare the above information for new employees before entering the registration,Proper preservation,Wait for notification to submit after waiting。

Three, notice of settlement:

(1) Setting conditions:

According to the relevant household registration policy of the Xi'an Public Security Bureau,Graduate graduates (college degree or above) who graduated during the 2 -year career selection period of graduation are willing to work in the Bet on today's European Cup resultscity and have legal and stable residents,You can apply for settlement to the company collective household。

(2) Settlement procedure:

New employees decide whether to settle in the company's collective hukou according to the settlement conditions and personal wishes,Settlement and file transfer、Social Security Relations, etc. There is no hook,No time limit requirements。For new employees who need to be settled, please prepare the following materials:

1. The applicant goes through the completion procedures、After signing the labor contract,Work certificate issued by the unit where the unit is located, go to the company's office (608 608) to open the settlement letter,Contact: Yang Jin; Tel: 029-86178686-8631,15289092027。

2. The applicant prepares an ID card、Account Book、Graduation Certificate (Inspection of the Ministry of Education's Xuexin.com or the official website of the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Affairs)、Legal and stable residence certificate (unlimited lease period)、"Proof of the Inquiry Results in Xi'an Housing" (no house certificate)、The introduction letter issued by the unit goes to the Xi'an Guangyuntan Police Station for settlement。

3. The collective household registration card can be left or submitted to the company for savings,Both of the two cases must be required to complete the accounting formalities at the police station and get the household registration card to the company's office (608 608) or call the contact person for information registration。

4. Notice of the relationship between the party and group organization

5. Note

(1) To ensure the orderly development of graduates' registration and distribution,Please come and report for graduation students at the time period of notification,Plan for travel routes and time,Please raise the consciousness of security precautions during the registration,Pay attention to personal property safety。

(2) Due Bet on today's European Cup resultsto limited hotel accommodation beds during the reporting period,Please come to report for your own,Please understand it for parents。

(3) Please carry or check for personal luggage items,The bedding is uniformly distributed by the company。

(4) Arrange outdoor group construction activities during training,Please prepare 1-2 white T-shirts for graduates、Dark trousers、Sports shoes。

(5) Please keep the following notes properly,After arriving at the unit, you can reimburse in accordance with financial regulations。

1. Invoice invoice for the employment (reimbursement of the company's in -service medical inspection fee: 300 yuan/person)。

2. "School to Home" and "Home to Registration" train hard sleeper or high -speed rail (motor vehicle) second -class ticket。If the price of the air ticket economy class discounts (including airport construction fee、Insurance fee) lower than the second -class price of train hard sleepers or high -speed rail (motor vehicles) (at the same time, the second -class price of high -speed rail is opened for the high -speed rail [motor vehicle],Refer to the hard sleeper price of the high -speed rail [EMU],You can choose to take a plane economy class。

6. Report contact

Teacher Zhu: 029-86178686-8527,18792516905;

Teacher Guo: 029-86178686-8523,18811553008;

Teacher Wan: 13848651399.

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June 28, 2024

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