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Shenzhen Municipal Determine Reservoir Reinforcement Engineering Project Carry out flood control emergency drills

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To strengthen the construction of the emergency rescue system,Improve the capabilities in production safety during the flood season,Do a good job of disaster prevention and mitigation。June 25,Second Company Shenzhen Municipal Reservoir Reinforcement Reinforcement Project launched a flood prevention and flood emergency drill。The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupShenzhen East Water Resources Management Center、Relevant leaders of Deepwater Water Consulting Company Relevant leaders observe guidance on the spot。

Disciples intend to rain in Shenzhen for continuous heavy rainfall,The water level of the reservoir rises quickly,There is a trend of breakdown,After the dangerous situation,,The project department immediately launched a flood prevention emergency rescue plan,Release early warning information、Start emergency response、Organization personnel and equipment orderly evacuation,and quickly carry out dams of dams、Drainage scheduling、Dredging the blocking drainage groove、Emergency treatment links such as the treatment of wounded people。Determination of members of the emergency Bet on today's European Cup resultsrescue working group、Divisions of each Division,Specifies on -site rescue work quickly dealt with,The whole exercise content was successfully completed within the scheduled time,Reached the expected effect,At the same time, the organization of the project department responding to emergencies、Coordination ability。

After the exercise,,The members of the flood control exercise evaluation team commented on this emergency exercise,Clarifying the flood prevention and flood emergency plan of the project department is practical,meets the requirements for flood prevention and flood in the project department in 2024; and emphasize,In the next step, do a good job of prediction early warning and on -site monitoring,Implement the work system for leadership brought class duty,Keep UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingcontact with the Meteorological Observatory,Published early warning information,Before rainy inspections、Check in the rain、Review after the rain,To eliminate the problem of safety hazards caused by extreme weather,Make sure the safety flood in 2024。

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