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Shaanxi Provincial Social Security Bureau's Pension and Economic Affairs Office went to the Hydropower Third Bureau to investigate and discuss

Release Date: 2024-06-27 Information Source: Party Committee Work Department Author: Zhou Xingrui Photography: Xie Tianyu Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

In the afternoon of June 26,Shaanxi Provincial Social Security Bureau's Pension Economic Affairs Office Provincial Industry Division 4th -level investigator、Qi Zhijie, Chief of the Special Business Division, visited the three innings of hydropower,Human Resources Department/Director of Hydropower Human Resources Department/Cadre Management Department Peng Linhua and other working employee retirement pension work risk prevention and control conducts discussions and exchanges。

Peng Linhua welcomes Qi Zhijie's visits,Thank you,and compose Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingfrom personnel、Bet on today's European Cup resultsLarge -scale engineering construction and other aspects introduced the development of water and electricity three bureaus。Peng Linhua said,Third Bureau of Hydropower is applying for employee retirement、In the process of pension work, I have always insisted on "sincere、Patience、Love、Attentive "principle,Fully protect the various interests of employees。Due to the nature of the enterprise,Retired employees are distributed in various provinces across the country,More people living in rural areas,Compared with scattered,Management difficulties,I hope,Create a good communication relationship,Do a good job of the remaining problems,The third round of water and electricity will also invest more human resources、material resources,Do a good job of qualification verification、Personal Tracking、True situation UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingand Bet on today's European Cup resultsother work,Fully solve the leftover problems,Let employees better invest in production and operation。

Qi Zhijie affirmed the active contribution and achievement of retired pension in Shaanxi,From retirement approval、Pension Development、Recognition of the qualifications of retirees、Risk prevention and control and other aspects of relevant policy interpretation,9832_9855,Check the relevant information on the spot。Qi Zhijie said,employee retirement、Pension work associated to everyone's interests,It is difficult to promote the difficulty,I hope that the three innings of hydropower can attach great importance to retirement and pension work,Do a good job of work ledger,Promoting dynamic tracking,Actively communicate with the Provincial Social Security Bureau's Pension Office,Work together to implement the work together,Solve the problems left The most accurate football Bet on today's European Cup resultsprediction website for the European Cupby history as soon as possible,Reduce management risk,Promote the high -quality development of three innings of hydropower,Realize win -win cooperation。

Before the discussion,Qi Zhijie and his party visited the Honorary Room of the Hydropower Third Bureau。

Human Resources Department of Hydropower Three Bureau、Relevant personnel of the Base Management Center attended the discussion。

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