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Ding Yanzhang went deep into the grass -roots level to teach party discipline and education special party lessons

Release Date: 2024-06-26 Source of Information: News Center Author: Zhong Hongming Photography: Zhong Hongming Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

According to the overall arrangement of party discipline learning and education of the company's party committee,June 26,Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman Ding Yanzhang went deep into Kunming Sub -Enterprise Hydropower Fourteen Bureau、Kunming Courtyard,The topic of party discipline education is taught by "strengthening discipline consciousness strict discipline and rules to accelerate the construction of world -class enterprises"。

Ding Yanzhang pointed out,Carry out party discipline learning and education in the whole party,It is a major decision -making deployment made by the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core,is to strengthen the party's discipline construction、Important measures to promote the strict and strict development of the party。The company must thoroughly implement the important exposition of General Secretary Jinping's important exposition on the comprehensive strengthening of the party's disciplinary construction,True grasps、Good beginning, good end,High -quality completion of various tasks of party discipline learning and education,To promote the company's high -quality development、Accelerate the construction of a world -class enterprise to make new contributions。

Ding Yanzhang emphasized,To deeply understand the significance of comprehensively strengthening the party's discipline construction,Promote the comprehensive and strict governance of the party to develop in depth,Deep understanding of discipline strictness is the glory tradition and unique advantage of the party。Deep understanding of strengthening discipline construction is a strategy of comprehensively and strictly governing the party,Persistence and unremitting use of discipline construction to calibrate the standard of thought、Adjust the rudder of behavior、String of tight style。Deep understanding of iron discipline is the actual needs of strengthening the construction of the cadre team,Persist in the combination of strict European Cup Reliable Betting Platformmanagement and love,Digging and cultivating a new period of good cadres,Create a good officer entrepreneurial political ecology。Deep understanding of strengthening the party's discipline construction is the mission of implementing the "two responsibilities",Let the soil be responsible、Responsibility for the land to keep the soil、Political consciousness of being responsible for being responsible for being responsible for the soil and leading cadres at all levels、Action Consciousness。

Ding Yanzhang Requirement,To adhere to the discipline, knowledge, Ming Ji Ji Ji,Build a loyal and clean cadre team,Study is the foundation,Disciplinary learning should be used as a compulsory course,Improve the in -depth school of the position,Mastering methods to penetrate learning,Righteous attitude active learning。Knowledge is prerequisite,To figure out what the party’s discipline is,Knowing the bottom line,Knowing the rules talk about self -discipline,Knowing the Ries of the Strong Party。Mingji is the key,What can I understand、What can't I do,Understanding the discipline of the party is iron law,Understand that everyone is equal in front of discipline,Understanding discipline is both "tightly hoop curse" and "amulet"。Defense is a goal,It is necessary to internalize the rules and discipline into the guidelines of words and deeds,Basic ethics of party members and cadres,The bottom line of defending corruption and anti -changes,Continuously enhanced political determination、Disciplinary Defining、Morality、Resisting the decision。

Ding Yanzhang The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupemphasized,It is necessary to focus on the construction of a long -term mechanism,Effectively transform the results of party discipline learning and education into promoting high -quality development results,Continue to strengthen the party's political construction,Resolutely be absolutely loyal to the party,Improve and implement the party's leadership system mechanism,Strict political discipline and political rules,Strictly grasped inspections and rectification;,Actively serve the major strategy of the country; continue to strengthen the party's construction,Comprehensive systems to improve the quality of party building,Continue to strengthen the party's innovation theory armed forces,solidly promotes the "dual -cited double construction" party building project,Efforts to build a team of high -quality professional cadres; continue to carry forward the spirit of self -revolution,In -depth promotion of Zhengfeng Discipline Anti -Corruption,Perseverance to correct the "Four Winds" to turn the wind,Continue to deepen the "Three Nothing Rotten" integration,Give play to the role of political inspections。

Ding Yanzhang pointed out,Current,It is in the sprint stage in the middle of the year,Company reform and development tasks are arduous and heavy,All units must transform the enlightenment of party discipline and education institutions into solving various complex problems、Ability to deal with various risk challenges,Convert to a sharp forgiveness、The mental state of responsibility,Practical action of transforming into excellent completion of reform and development Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingand production and operation goals,Focus on quality and efficiency unlazy,Fully go to high -quality grasping orders、Promoting production、Muting operation、Strong Party Construction,High -quality and efficient completion of various key tasks in the first half of the year,Make sure "more than half of time、More than half of the task "。Fourteen Bureau of Hydropower and Kunming Institute must further focus on the main responsibility,Improve development quality and efficiency,Accelerate the cultivation of strategic emerging industries,Develop new productive forces,Deepen reform,Strengthen compliance operation,Efforts to prevent risks,Continue to improve the project performance ability、profitability,Promote the high -quality development of the enterprise。

The main person in charge of the relevant departments of the company; the 14th Bureau of Hydropower、Members of the leadership team of Kunming Academy,Mid -level cadres above the headquarters,Secretary of the Party Branch、branch member,Each second -level unit、Members of the leadership team of the sent institution,and party mass、Disciplinary inspection、The principals of the organization's personnel department participated in learning。

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