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Company designated assistance forum held in Jianchuan

Release Date: 2024-06-25 Source of Information: News Center Author: Zhong Hongming Photography: Zhong Hongming Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

June 25,The company's designated assistance forum was held in Jianchuan, Yunnan,In -depth implementation of the important instructions of General Secretary Jinping's important instructions on the work of rural revitalization,Comprehensive implementation of the Party Central Committee's decision -making deployment,Careful implementation of the work requirements of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council,Performing the social responsibility of central enterprises,Communist Jianchuan Rural The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupRevitalization,Fully promote the support of China Electric Power Construction Rural Revitalization and Assistance to a new level。Company Party Committee Secretary、Chairman,Ding Yanzhang, the leader of the leadership group of the rural revitalization, attended the meeting and delivered a speech。Member of the party group of Dali Prefecture、Deputy Governor Yang Song; Deputy Secretary of Jianchuan County Party Committee、County Mayor Zhang Tao,Deputy Secretary of the County Party Committee Zhang Zhiyong,Deputy County Mayor Men Yongqiang attended the meeting。

Ding Yanzhang pointed out,For a long time,China Electricity Construction insists on the guidance of Xi Jinping's new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era,Resolutely implement the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee on rural revitalization,Earnestly implement the requirements of the State -owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council,Putting fixed -point assistance as a practical action to practice "two maintenance",While realizing the company's own development,Actively fulfill the social responsibility of central enterprises,​​Strictly implement the "Four Four Never Eliging" policy requirements,From "Technical Support、Industry assistance、Talent Training、Selection of cadres、Internal Quotes "and other aspects,In -depth participation in Jianchuan County Rural Revitalization Work。The company has won the evaluation of rural rejuvenation work for 6 consecutive years (the highest equal time)。

Ding Yanzhang emphasized,Persist in doing a good job of fixed -point assistance,UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football BettingIt is a major political responsibility for central enterprises。Must work together,jointly promoted the decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee to implement it,Based on the actual development of Jianchuan County,The concept and methods of "10 million projects" are transformed and applied to Jianchuan Industry、Ecological、Culture、Organizational revitalization and other fields、The whole process。Resolutely implement the "three rural" work decision -making deployment of the Party Central Committee,Following the work requirements of the No. 1 document this year,Research and formulation work plan and guarantee measures,Pay attention to the various tasks of the "three rural" work with the spirit of nailing the spirit。Further clarify the main direction and key tasks,Carefully implement the monitoring assistance mechanism,Increase support for the support of Jianchuan's key areas,Enhance "Bleeding" ability,Stimulate the internal vitality of development。

Ding Yanzhang Requirement,To target forces,jointly promoted the launch of the fixed -point assistance project to take effect。Effective assistance scheme,Further optimizing the synergy mechanism,Combined with the resource endowment of Jianchuan County and the actual assistance needs of each year,Formulate more "targeted、Applicability、Operationable "assistance work plan,Better guidance and assistance work Effectively。Accelerate promotion of key industrial projects to play greater benefits,Use the help funds of China Electricity Construction Industry,Drives more people from poverty alleviation and employment in the European Cup Reliable Betting Platformnearby。Continue to consolidate the results of the "Two Sorrows and Three Guarantees" achievement,Focusing on key areas and key groups,Reinforcement project element guarantee,Give full use of the donation of the digestive tract disease prevention and control center、Village -level Credit Room、Education Base and Safety Drinking Project and other people's livelihood projects,Let the help results better benefit the masses。

Ding Yanzhang emphasized,To condense your heart,jointly promoting the fixed -point assistance work of the "14th Five -Year Plan" to take root。Strengthening the mission,Comprehensively implement the Party Central Committee、The State Council's arrangements for the realization of the effective connection and effective connection of the same rural revitalization of poverty alleviation,Fully promote the fixed -point assistance work to go deeply。Strengthening the central ground cooperation,Give full play to the company's planning and design leadership advantages and the integrated advantage of the entire industry chain,In power and energy、Water conservancy and water resources continue to work,Enhance the comprehensive benefits of industrial assistance。Strengthen employment assistance,Taking China Electrical Construction (Jianchuan) Rural Revitalization Workstation as the starting point,Multiple measures and introduce resources,Helps Jianchuan to continue to expand rural rejuvenation talent team; give full play to the advantages of electricity,Various modes Promoting labor training,Consolidate the basis for increasing the income of poverty alleviation。

On behalf of the county Bet on today's European Cup resultsparty committee and county government, Zhang Tao expressed heartfelt thanks to China Electric Power Construction's strong support and help in Jianchuan's economic and social development。He said,Fixed -point help Jianchuan County,China Electricity Construction always has a high degree of political responsibilities and the people's feelings for the people,Give full play to the high sense of social responsibility and mission of central enterprises,Give Jianchuan's support and selfless assistance,Injects a strong motivation into the county's economic and social development,Leaving a strong stroke in the development of Jianchuan。I hope that China Electricity Jian will continue to help Jianchuan as usual,Continue to promote industrial assistance work、Talent Revitalization Plan Project、Rural dirty management and the improvement of the living environment, as well as the development of the cultural tourism industry development project,Help Jianchuan Rural Revitalization。

Jianchuan County relevant departments、Township responsible comrades,Company relevant departments、The person in charge of the child enterprise,China Electricity Construction sent Jianchuan to work and village assistance cadres to participate in the meeting。

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