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Good era

Release Date: 2024-06-19 Information Source: Tibetan Company Author: Song Xinqian Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

When I was a kid,I always like to entangle my grandpa to tell me the story of UEFA Euro 2024 Highest European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformOdds Football Bettingtheir time。There is a loquat tree in the yard of my hometown,To the summer of the summer, the leaves are lush。After dinner,Grandpa always likes to take me to cool under that loquat tree。I often ask Grandpa,How many years have this tree? Grandpa said, "For many years,older than you "。Okay, okay,It seems that Grandpa is not remembered when he is old,I muttered like this。After watching the stars for a while,I feel bored again,Just entangled Grandpa to tell me what he was when he was a child。Whenever I talk about that era,Grandpa will say to me, "You are now catching up with a good era"。

The hazy moonlight sprinkled on the ground through the branches,The breeze of summer night blows the leaves rustling,Those once years have also transformed into the mode of bedtime story,Slowly opened me the road to time and space to Grandpa's era。My thoughts also span the time and space with Grandpa's telling,Come to the age of Grandpa。Here,I saw the winter in my grandpa,The snowy snowy,On the tree、Snowflakes on the roof。At that time, the house where Grandpa lived was built with soil and bamboo slices,The European Cup Reliable European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformBetting Platformfamily of five squeezed in those rooms on all sides。One to winter,Cold wind exhaled into the room。I saw Grandpa got up early,Pick the only pick -ups selling tofu at home,String the streets and lanes。not lit up yet,There are very few pedestrians on the road,When Grandpa arrives on the street,There are only some shops of kerosene lights on,The dim lights are more deserted on the street。People who do business always get up early and greedy,Just make more money for more,It can make a family not hungry。

At that time, the grandfather was only fifteen or six years old,If it is now a playful age,but Grandpa has already carried the burden of the family,I took up the responsibility of taking care of the old and young。At that time, I was still young,Can't deeply appreciate how difficult people's lives in that era。Grandpa said,It is a kind of happiness to drink a bowl of white rice porridge at that time。One year of famine,People have no food,I can only eat some grassroots、Bark Hungry,The entire hillside is dug by people potholes。I didn't have to eat grass -roots bark at the end,I have to eat The most accurate football Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingprediction website for the European Cupa white mud called "Guanyin soil",That kind of white mud is not easy to digest,Many people have been strangled alive,Poor Extreme。Grandpa said with tears in the eyes when he said these,Unfortunately, I couldn't feel the same body at the time。

Every time I go home every time I go home,Look at the loquat tree in the yard,I will think of the story that grandpa told me under this tree when I was young。This tree can be regarded as accompanied by my entire childhood,It is still lush and leafy now,Maybe it is also catching up with the good era。After leaving home from high school to go to school,less and less time to go home,You can bring me some surprises and changes every time you go home。The road to the county town before is still potholes,As soon as it rains,Rain wrapped in soil,Students go to school、Walking on this road from school,Shoes、Pants will inevitably suffer。It's okay now,Put of asphalt,Turned into an asphalt road。Now students are also catching up with a good era。

Time circulation,Gradually in the age of age,I gradually move from a small country to a big city,Witnesses have witnessed European Cup Reliable The most accurate football prediction website for the European CupBetting Platformthe tremendous changes that have occurred in this many years。From the countryside to the city、From mountains and rivers to river,All tells the magnificent epic of the country's prosperity and prosperity。From the previous wood fire stove,To the current clean energy; from the previous low tile house,To the high -rise building today; from the previous green leather train,To the high -speed rail of the train today ... The spark of innovation is constantly flashing in the mind of science and technology workers,Promote the continuous upgrade and update of the national industry。The coming of a good era,Let the countryside be excited,Makes poetry and the distance is no longer out of reach。I feel proud of living in such a good era,The magnificence of the country's mountains and rivers、The rich and healthy of the people are proud。

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