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[Party Discipline Learning Education] Tibetan Company held a warning education conference to promote the depth of party discipline learning and education

Release Date: 2024-06-18 Information Source: Tibetan Company Author: Wu Xian Photography: Yang Kang Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

To continue to expand the effectiveness of party discipline learning and education,Take the enhanced warning education as an important part of the dam that builds a dam of party members and cadres,A few days ago,Tibetan Company held a warning education conference,Educational alert party members and cadres to further strengthen political fixed force、Disciplinary Defining、Morality、Resisting the decision。The meeting was deputy secretary of the party committee of the Tibetan Company、General Manager Qin Ming hosted,Member of the Leading Team at home、All party members and cadres of the headquarters and all projects of the projects、Employees attended the meeting。

will be on the UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingmeeting,Participants watched the warning education film "State -owned" State -owned "State -owned" State "Worm"。The film is close to the "six disciplines",Focus on typical corruption issues that are prone to occur in the field of state -owned enterprises,Self -reciprocity through personal confession、Scenario Restore、Analysis of the case personnel,Reappear related discipline and illegal personnel corruption and degeneration trajectory。At the meeting, a typical case of violations of discipline and violations。

Conference emphasized,All party members and employees of Tibetan companies must strengthen the "six deep understanding",First, we must deeply understand the lack of ideals and beliefs、Serious harm to dishonest and unrealistic to the party,Absolute loyalty to the party with serious political discipline; the second is to deeply understand and ignore the organization principles、Don’t talk about the serious harm of the organizational procedure,Enhance the Bet on today's European Cup resultsentrepreneurial force of the entrepreneurial entrepreneurship with serious organizational discipline; the third is to deeply understand the bottom line、Serious harm of pursuing and personal,Keep the red line of the bottom line with serious integrity discipline; fourth is to deeply understand the from the masses、Indifferent hazards of the interests of the masses,To do practical difficulties for employees and masses with serious mass discipline; Fifth, we must deeply understand and do not act、Serious harm of chaos as false actions,Strengthening the responsibility with serious work discipline; Sixth, we must deeply understand the corruption of private morals without cultivating life、Family style is not righteous and bad.,Building a rejection of anti -corruption defense line with serious daily discipline。

,Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of Tibet Company、Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission focuses on the "Regulations on the State -owned Enterprise Management Staff",Title Bet on today's European Cup resultsof "Using the Ming Ji Zheng Ji Zheng Xing's High Consciousness" as the topic to teach all cadres and employees for the special party lesson。Party class emphasis,Draw a painful lesson from a typical case of warning education,Take the opportunity to carry out in -depth party discipline learning and education,Strengthen the comprehensive learning of party discipline and national laws and company rules and regulations,Really achieved discipline、Zhiji、Mingji、Shouji,Really understand people,Efforts to be a struggler。

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