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Duan organizations at all levels of hydropower three bureaus have set off their studies, propaganda, implementation of the important message of General Secretary Xi Jinping "May 1st" and "May 4th"

Release Date: 2024-06-13 Information Source: Party Committee Work Department Author: Liu Yu Photography: Zhang Rui Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

On the "May 1st" International Labor Day、On the occasion of the May 4th Youth Festival,General Secretary Xi Jinping extended festival congratulations and sincere greetings to the majority of young people in the country,Send a new era youth,Struggling to write as a Chinese -style modern chapter。

According to the work arrangement of the Youth League Committee of the Group Company,May 16,The Youth League Committee of Hydropower Third Bureau organized the spirit of the spirit of the important seminar of General Secretary Xi Jinping "May 1st" and "May 4th",In -depth study and propaganda implementation of the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important message,Research and exchanges on the company's high -quality development and based on the establishment of the post,Guide to motivate the majority of members of the group members to take the responsibility in the new journey of the company's high -quality development。The meeting was director of the Party Committee Work Department、Studio of the Communist Youth League Secretary, Shi Minchao, hosted。Member of the League Committee of the Company,Secretary of the Organizations of each unit、Member and young representatives attended the meeting。

The meeting European Cup Reliable Betting Platformof the meeting adopts the form of videos+leading learning,Watch the Micro Video of the May 4th Youth Festival,Concentrated learning the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important message spirit,Secretary of the Organizations of each unit、The young representatives of the members of the members around the work of the Youth League and the next work plan,Following the job based on the job,and combined with learning content for discussion and exchange、Share perception。

Conference emphasized,First, the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important message spirit。League organizations at all levels should adopt personal self -study、Learning Research、Special research and other methods,Combined with "Three Meetings, Two Systems, One Lesson"、Party Organization Secretary Lecture Lesson、League cadres on the pension, etc.,Carry out various forms of study and education activities,Quickly set off the upsurge of studying General Secretary Xi Jinping "May 1st" and "May 4th".。The second is to vigorously promote and inherit the spirit of model workers、Labor spirit、Craftsman's Spirit and May 4th Spirit。Tightly surrounds the new era and new journey of the state -owned state -owned state -owned state -owned state -owned enterprise mission,Adhere to integrating into the main line of Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingthe central service overall workline1,Integrate personal ideal pursuit into the business development of the enterprise and the cause of the party and the country,Framented、Stubborn struggle,Around the company "Water、energy、City、Number "development strategy,In technology innovation、Industry control、Actively play a role in security support,Practice with actual actions "Please rest assured、The youth oath of the strong country "。Third, the implementation of the party building and belt group system mechanism continues to stimulate the enthusiasm of the majority of employees to fight for work。firmly grasp the fundamental task of education for the party,Consolidate the results of the theme education of the expansion group and youth theme,Inheritance "The Party has a call,The excellent tradition of action with the group,Continuous improvement of leadership、Organizational force、Service,Stimulates the enthusiasm and initiative of the majority of employees,Fighting for ideals、Dare to take responsibility、Can suffer hard、A new era in the new era of willingness to struggle,Realizing "high -quality development for the company,Creating four first -class goals "Show Youth as、Demonstrate youthful style、Contribute youth forces。

Company group organizations at all levels attach great importance to、Organization carefully,Take verdatic sentence by word and sentence、Fusion of Passing School、Learn from the above rate、Vivid and effective learning and other methods,Unified thoughts and actions into the spirit of General Secretary Xi Jinping's important message,Create a strong learning, propaganda and implementation atmosphere。

The youths of the majority of members said,It will be in mind General Secretary Xi Jinping’s teachings and entrustment,Thanksgiving for Forge for Entry,Anchor Development Objective,Strengthening political experience、Practice exercise、Style temperament,Yong Dang's high -quality development of the company and the vanguard,Run the best results on the youth track、Show the most beautiful style。

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