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The Youth League Committee of the Second Company Carry out the "escort college entrance examination to build a dream to sail" volunteer service activity

Release Date: 2024-06-11 Information Source: Two Company Author: Peng Yongqing Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Fully escort the college entrance examination,Light the road to the students。June 7,The Youth League Committee of the Second Company actively responds to the company's party committee、Call of the Youth League Committee,Organizational members of the group went to the Phuket Campus of the 14th Middle School of Kunming Bet on today's European Cup resultsCity, Yunnan Province to carry out the party building with the group to build a "escort college entrance examination,Dream Building "Volunteer Service Activities。

During the college entrance examination,"Star Fire" volunteers gather at 6 am every morning at the test site,Create a tent、Place test supplies、mineral water, etc.。Establish a stationery area at the volunteer service station、First aid drug area and rest area,Provide candidates and parents with convenient and effective "one -stop" examination service。Points provided pencils in the stationery area、ruler、Rhalette and other stationery,Candidates who forget to bring stationery can receive it at any time; the first aid drug area provides parents and candidates with heatstroke medicines、European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformChuangcai Paste and First Aid Boxes; the rest area prepares a sunboy for the parents of the exams、seat、Cold Fan、mineral water, etc.。Young volunteers also actively cooperate with the traffic police on duty to conduct traffic dredging at the intersection and school entrances、Volunteer services such as order maintenance。

This event, the second company deeply interpreted the profound connotation of the spirit of the "Star Fire" volunteer service with actual actions,Not only does it provides candidates with substantial help,It also shows the image of three innings for three innings,Further stimulated the enthusiasm and motivation of the majority of members of the group members to participate in social welfare。

Next step,The Youth League Committee of the Second Company will give full Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingplay to the role of the League organization and the young members of the youth of the youths,Find Volunteer Service Project,Increase the joint construction and co -construction with the local government,Contributing youth for the "Star Fire" volunteer service brand。

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