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Inherit the Dragon Boat Festival culture, promote the patriotic spirit

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UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Betting"European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformDragon Boat Festival, Zhongxia,Repeated day in the Qing Dynasty。"When the fragrant fragrance is filled again,We have ushered in the annual Dragon Boat Festival。Dragon Boat Festival,Not just a traditional holiday,It is an important carrier for the spirit of the Chinese nation,It contains deep cultural connotation and great patriotic spirit。

Origin of the Dragon Boat Festival,closely connected with the patriotic poet Qu Yuan。Due to the Qin Kingdom broke through Chu Kyoto,Qu Yuan see that his country is invaded,Wan Nian Gray,In the fifth day of the fifth day of the lunar calendar of the year, the stone was put into the rolling Royal River。Fishermen on the river and the people on the shore,I heard that Doctor Qu Yuan voted for himself,All came to Jiangshang,Strive to salvage Qu Yuan's body,This custom later evolved into a dragon boat,People have taken out the dumplings at home、Eggs are invested in Jiangzhong,Let the fish eat it if you eat it.,And Langzhong poured the male rice wine into the river,For the medicine halo and the dragon water beast,Make Dr. Qu Yuan's corpses from hurting。

In the long UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettinghistory of the long history,Qu Yuan is patriotic with his fist、Gao Jie's Quality,admiration for the world。Facing the country's crisis,Although he is unable to return to heaven,But chose to die with death,Dumping Jiang Wu Guo。From this,On the fifth day of the fifth day of the lunar calendar,The people of Chu State in order to commemorate him,Then eat dumplings in the Dragon Boat Festival、Dragon Boat、Hanging wormwood、Drinking Xiong Lao and other customs。These customs have gone through the precipitation of years,Still glowing with charming charm。Behind each custom,There are moving stories and meanings。

Inheritance Dragon Boat Festival Culture,It is the inheritance of the country、The love and loyalty of the nation。In various activities in the Dragon Boat Festival,We can deeply feel the patriotic feelings of the first family。Eat rice dumplings,Let's remind us of the tragedy of Qu Yuan voted for the river,The fragrant rice dumplings wrapped in glutinous rice and fillings,It seems to condense people's remembers and retrospectives of Euro 2024 Live Match Results Bettingthis patriotic UEFA Euro 2024 Highest Odds Football Bettingpoet。Dragon Boat,That exciting drum sound、Neat paddle movements and team members work together、The spirit of hard work forward,Show the Chinese nation's unity、The spiritual style of bravely move forward。Hanging wormwood、Drink Xiong Lao Wine,then expresses people to repel evil and avoid disaster、Pray for the beautiful wishes of peace and health。

Every time to Dragon Boat Festival,We will all think of Qu Yuan,Think of his patriotic feat,The power of this spirit inspires our generations of Chinese children to work hard for the prosperity of the country。

In today's era,The patriotic spirit still has extremely important significance。We live in a peace、The era of prosperity,But also facing many challenges and opportunities。Inherit the Dragon Boat Festival culture, promote the patriotic spirit,It is to integrate this spirit into our daily life and work。We have to use patriotism as power,Strive hard,Raise self,Contribute our own strength to the development of the country; we must take patriotism as faith,Persist in moral bottom line,Practice The most accurate football prediction website for Bet on today's European Cup resultsthe European Cupthe core values ​​of socialism,Create a good social atmosphere together; we must take patriotism as feelings,Care about national events,Actively participate in social construction,Struggle to achieve the Chinese dream of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation。

Dragon Boat Festival,Tell the children about Qu Yuan's story and the origin of the Dragon Boat Festival; prepare rice leaves、Glutinous Rice、red dates and other ingredients,Pack with the child with the child; make a simple Dragon Boat Festival incense bag together; hang wormwood at the door of the house; watch the intense dragon boat ... Let us be in the fragrance,Inheritance Millennium Culture,Promoting the patriotic spirit,Get in hand together,Go to the new journey!

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