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The sheep song project has won the first prize of the innovation achievement of the national power industry

Release Date: 2024-06-11 Information Source: One Company Author: Liu Yanhong Font size: [ Big Middle Small ] Euro 2024 Live Match Results Betting Share

Recent,China Electric Power Equipment Management Association announced the "National Electric Power Industry Engineering Construction Management Innovation Achievement in 2024",The "Application of the Application of Hydraulic Climbing Modeling Technology in the Factory Engineering of the Yangqu Hydropower Station" by the Water and Electricity Third Yangqu Factory Engineering Project was participated in the main creator.。

The request to respond to the owner's "Create a Factory of Full Water Concrete Power Power Power Power Station",The project party branch has organized The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cupthe "Party Member Technical Tackling Group" to hold a special meeting,Active and design、Owner、Supervisor multi -party communication,Comprehensive consideration of the row columns above the factory engineering generator layer+shear wall structure characteristics,Finally decided to use "hydraulic automatic climbing template technology" for construction,This technology can reduce the number of lifting machinery、Speed ​​up construction progress,Easy to adjust and control verticality and flatness,to a large extent reduced the operation and maintenance cost of the project later,Reduced the traditional construction process of the upper structure of plant engineering。

During the project construction process,Facing technical problems,Project party members have played the way to open the way "Pioneer"The most accurate football prediction website for the European Cup,in urgent、Difficult、insurance、The courage to take the courage to act in front of the task,Drilling business,Take the lead to break through the bottleneck,Fully release creative vitality,According to the actual situation of construction progress,Timely adjust the construction process、Construction route。Driven by the technical pioneer of the branch of the branch,The entire technical team has formed a motivation to move forward,5 items of completion of scientific research topics,4 items of QC certificate,Published 8 articles in technology。

Next,The sheep song project will continue to deeply cultivate various technical problems,The pioneer team of the party members take the lead,charge in front,Let scientific and technological innovation integrate into the party building "red cell",Tightly surround new materials、European Cup Reliable Betting PlatformNew equipment、New Technology、New crafts "Four New Technology" innovation and creation effect,High -quality and efficient completion of construction tasks,Practice green construction,Reaching the "Five Section and One Environmental Protection" goal,Tongxin co -worked to make the factory project of Yangqu Hydropower Station into safety、Green、Innovation、Chuangyou boutique project。

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